Nodame Cantabile Finale (Anime)

Nodame Cantabile Finale (Anime)


By James Whittle

Japan's oddest couple returns for one last season of screwball romantic comedy antics in Nodame Cantabile Finale.

Last season saw Chiaki and Nodame move to Paris to further their musical skills and careers. After winning a conducting competition, Chiaki became the conductor for a failing orchestra. Nodame got into the prestigious French Conservatory of Music to pursue her career as a pianist.

This season, Chiaki continues to shine as both a conductor and as a pianist. Unfortunately, Nodame feels she is being left behind (again). Fans of the show and the manga will know the couple love each other, but will music finally tear them apart? The final season promises great music and a barrel of laughs.

Originally an award-winning manga by Tomoko Ninomiya, Nodame Cantabile has been made into a live action television show that starred Hiroshi Tamaki and Juri Ueno as the leads. The Paris Chapter was also made into a two-part live action special with Juri and Hiroshi reprising their roles.

The anime is being produced by J.C. Staff, who animated the first season and also brought Excel Saga, Starship Operators and Zero no Tsukaima to the small screen.

As in the previous two seasons, the show is full of beautiful classical music by great composers.

The show should be shown on Animax soon. A new movie version is also slated for release this year.

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