Become an opinion writer

Become an opinion writer

June 30, 2011
June 16, 2011
June 02, 2011
May 19, 2011
May 09, 2011
May 05, 2011
April 14, 2011
March 31, 2011
March 10, 2011
February 24, 2011
Young Post will soon start its opinion column.

This will be a place for readers to discuss daily issues and share their thoughts. Subjects will cover any news-related issue ranging from the environment to social issues and politics. Think about the subjects explored in Liberal Studies and you will be on the right track.

If you think you have what it takes to become an op-ed writer, write at least 400 words on the controversial high-speed rail link from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, or on any subject you think suitable for an op-ed page.

Send your work to with 'op-ed' in the subject field. Don’t forget to include your full name, school and email address for us to get back to you.

To get your head around what an opinion page is, you can read The South China Morning Post’s opinion page. You’ll find it on page A13.


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