Script: Listening Exercise 54

Script: Listening Exercise 54

School Careers Interviews

Peggy Jones is a schools careers adviser. Today she is visiting Parkland International School and interviewing some Form 5 students. Listen to three of these interviews and then fill in the form Peggy has for each interviewee.

Number 1

Peggy: Good morning. Please sit down.

Brian: Thanks.

Peggy: Could I have your full name, please?

Brian: Brian Ho.

Peggy: And which form are you in, Brian?

Brian: 5C.

Peggy: 5C. Now, your date of birth?

Brian: My birthday is the fifteenth of May. 1993.

Peggy: I’ve got your latest school report here in front of me. Which would you say were your best school subjects?

Brian: I like history best. But I don’t get good exam results. In exams I do best at maths and economics. I find those two subjects easy and always seem to get good marks.

Peggy: Yes, I can see that. You get very good marks and comments in maths and economics.

Brian: But my other subjects are not as good. I get As in those two, but B’s in almost everything else.

Peggy: You are obviously an A/B student.

Brian: I like school and always do the best I can, even if I find things boring.

Peggy: That’s a good attitude to have. What are your interests outside school?

Brian: I play a lot of tennis and I love movies.

Peggy: Have you had any work experience at all?

Brian: No.I’ve tried to get a Saturday job, but haven’t been successful.

Peggy: Have you ever done any voluntary work?

Brian: Yes. I love animals and do dog walking on a Sunday for a dog refuge.

Peggy: Would you like to work with animals full time?

Brian: My uncle is an accountant and I’ve been thinking about that as a career.

Peggy: Well, that’s a good choice. Your good maths and economics results are putting you on the right path for a career in accounting. It’s a good, steady career and you should have no problem getting the grades you need for further study in this field.

Number 2

Peggy: Hello. Would you like to sit down?

Jenny: Hi. Thanks.

Peggy: To begin with, can I write down your full name, please?

Jenny: Jenny Tyler. T-Y-L-E-R.

Peggy: And you are in 5C?

Jenny: No, I’m in 5D.

Peggy: Sorry. Right, 5D. Can you give me your date of birth, please?

Jenny: Twenty-eight th, July, nineteen ninety-three.

Peggy: Now, tell me... what are your best school subjects?

Jenny: Oh... I’m average at most things. I sometimes find school boring and lose interest. I know that’s not good, but it’s the truth. I do like art and English, and I sometimes get quite good grades in art and music projects. I’m useless at maths and science.

Peggy: Your history and geography grades aren’t bad.

Jenny: I’m doing better this year. But I’m only a C grade student. And I do want to leave school as soon as I can.

Peggy: You don’t want to go on with your education?

Jenny: No. I want to get a job as quickly as possible. I’ve made my mind up about that.

Peggy: What are your out of school interests?

Jenny: I love shopping! And don’t laugh... but I like experimenting with make up on my friends. It was my cousin’s wedding last month and I did her hair and make up. She looked great.

Peggy: Have you had any work experience at all?

Jenny: Yes. My mother’s best friend has a hairdressing salon and I sometimes help out there.

Peggy: Have you ever done any voluntary work?

Jenny: No.I don’t have time.

Peggy: Would you like to be a hairdresser?

Jenny: I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think so.

Peggy: What about training as a beautician? It’s a good area to work in and there are some excellent courses you could go on when you leave school. Some beauty salons will let you work half the week and then study the other half. Let me give you some leaflets and then get back to me and tell me what you think. You can call me any time for further information.

Number 3

Peggy: Good morning. Please take a seat.

Christie: Thank you.

Peggy: Can I have your full name, please?

Christie: Christie Wong.

Peggy: Which form are you in, Christie?

Christie: 5E.

Peggy: 5E. Okay. And your date of birth?

Christie: Fourteenth of February, 1993.

Peggy: Valentine’s Day! Cool. Now, which would you say were your best subjects at school?

Christie: I like geography best, but I don’t always get good grades. My best subjects are biology and English. I always get straight As in both.

Peggy: Yes, that’s good. You get good teacher comments in most of your subjects. You seem to work hard.

Christie: I do try my best. Working hard at school is important. You don’t get a second chance if you mess it up now. I suppose I’m a B student across the whole range of subjects.

Peggy: You are obviously doing well in your studies. What are your interests outside school? Christie: I horse ride whenever I can. And I spend a lot of time with my pets at home. We have both a cat and a dog at home.

Peggy: Have done any work experience at all?

Christie: Yes, a bit. I sometimes help out with the beginners at my riding school.

Peggy: Have you ever done any voluntary work?

Christie: Yes. My mum is a nurse at a local hospital and I helped in the children’s ward during the summer holidays.

Peggy: Would you like to work with children full time?

Christie: not at all. My ambition is to be a vet. But I don’t know if my exam grades will be good enough to study for this at university.

Peggy: It’s true. You have to get very high grades to get onto a veterinary course at university. But if you have made up your mind that this is what you want to do, I don’t see why you shouldn’t achieve this. You have a good attitude to study. I’ll get you some information on how to become a vet and we can talk more the next time I see you.

Christie: Thanks. I’d like that.


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