Picture-perfect makeup session

Picture-perfect makeup session

Young Post junior reporters spent an extraordinary afternoon with Desmond Tse, resident trainer, and Yvonne Kwok, assistant education manager of renowned cosmetic brand Bobbi Brown earlier this month. They learned tips and techniques to get the latest party look for teenagers - metallic Christmas glam


'Different brushes accommodate different needs, and this saves time,' says Desmond.

You need six different brushes to cover the process properly: a concealer brush, powder brush, blusher brush, ultra-eyeliner bush, touch-up brush and a foundation brush.

When you are using the concealer brush, apply it as closely as possible to the lash-line, and on the innermost corners of the eyes as this will brighten them up. Use the foundation and powder brushes to apply powder to the oily T-zone and around the nose and mouth, especially if there's redness.

Last but not least, when you are using the blusher brush, make sure to brush in the direction of your hairline, before brushing downwards to soften the colour. When it comes to the ultra-eyeliner and touch-up brushes, apply them sparingly to create fine eye-lines.


It is essential to take the basic steps of cleaning your face and applying the right moisturiser to balance the moisture level of your skin.

Choose cosmetic products such as foundation in a colour and texture that suits you.

Also important is having the right tools, such as application brushes. This is not only more convenient and hygienic; it also makes application more precise. Apply cosmetics gently.

Remember, the two things you need to get the perfect look are well shaped eyebrows and the most suitable foundation for your skin.

Eye makeup

A good concealer and foundation are essential if you want to get your eye makeup right and achieve a radiant appearance.

Desmond suggests using a cream shadow as a base colour to achieve a bright-eyed look. The next step is to apply the eye liner - ideally as close to the lash-line as possible. This will make your eyes look bigger. But don't make the mistake of thinking the thicker the line the better it is. Liner should be applied to suit the shape of your eyes.

The next step is to apply powder eye shadow. This provides depth and sheen to your eyes. Lighter colours suit teens better. Mascara is the last step. It should be applied from the root of the lashes.

A 'smoky' look is popular these days. This is a graduation in colour changes, from dark to light, creating a sunrise effect.


For makeup products to work ideally, you need to ensure that your facial skin is properly hydrated. Yvonne suggests a good tip is using cosmetics to conceal your tiredness. Pick a peach or pink tone to balance any blueness or purple underneath your eyes. Yvonne also suggests either focusing on your eyes or your lips, but not both. Also, don't overdo it with shimmer or sparkles if you want to avoid looking overly dramatic.

When you are applying cosmetics, use small amounts of the product initially, adding gradually so as to have greater control. With the right tools and techniques, getting the perfect look is easy.


This autumn and winter, shimmer colours are in. Metallic, long-wear cream shadow - for example, silver, gold and blue - are trendy. "If you want a more outstanding colour combination, brown with gold or purple with silver is a really good choice," says Yvonne.

Bear in mind that applying single colours looks more natural, while applying two-to-three colour combinations will lend you a more striking appearance. Metallic long-wear cream shadow can be applied from the lash-line to the bone of your brow using your ring finger, which will make the outline of your eyes more pronounced.



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