Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox
By Roald Dahl
Published by Puffin

Roald Dahl is regarded as one of the most beloved storytellers. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fames and the Giant Peach are the bestselling stories that helped him become an outstanding author amongst the thousands of writers. With his new book Fantastic Mr. Fox, Dahl magically transports us to the animal world.

In his new book, Mr. Fox is described as a responsible husband collecting food to feed his children. Mr. Fox lives near three farmers that are the nastiest and meanest men you've ever met. Their harvest is excessive, and they keep it all to themselves. Mr. Fox has been stealing from the three mean farmers who end up discovering that he is the thief.

The characters provide a solid foundation for an interesting story and Roald Dahl shows once again that he is talented at telling these kind of stories.

Mr. Fox is unfortunate as his tail is shot by the three selfish farmers. His tail is bleeding. What can Mr. Fox do so as not to jeopardize his life and the ones of his family? Mr. Fox is hopeless, sighs again and again.

Meanwhile the three famers reckon there is a whole family of foxes down the valley and get the shovels so as to kill them all. Mr. Fox can't come up with any ideas to combat the three farmers. Will Mr. Fox be able to rescue his family?

Roald Dahl has written an exciting and fantastic story on a family foxes and three nasty farmers confronting each other. Although Fantastic Mr. Fox is recommended for children, all readers can enjoy reading this story and won't want to let it go.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a worthwhile read, even though the story sometimes repeats itself and its ending is expected.

Priscilla Lau

Review by Tiger Reporter Priscilla Lau, The Community College at Lingnan Universty


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