It's in their blood

It's in their blood


Part two of The Twilight Saga hits the screens today, and you can probably stake your heart on it being more than an overnight success, writes Sunny Tse

Time to stop howling at the night sky - the wait for The Twilight Saga: New Moon is finally over. From today, movie audiences get their chance to sink their teeth into the next instalment of the fantasy teen romance between vampire boy and mortal girl.

The film opened in the States on 20 November, smashing the opening-day box-office record previously held by blockbuster The Dark Knight.

But is the New Moon's success based only on its popularity with teenage girls, and anyone else into vampire-human-werewolf love triangles?

'Sure, we're telling a story about vampires and werewolves and the supernatural,' says director Chris Weitz. 'But beyond that it deals with these very basic human feelings of love, longing, need, loss, attachment and friendship. It deals with the danger that you put your heart into when you fall in love.'

The heroine of the story, Bella Swan, played by 19 year-old Kristen Stewart, constantly find herself surrounded by mythical, sometimes monstrous, creatures. Yet what really troubles her is her relationships with true love, vegan vampire Edward, and best friend, werewolf Jacob.

'Edward is something she needs,' says the actress. 'He balances her, but that doesn't mean that he's the best person for her. He's difficult, he's cold, he's reserved. But without his restraint, they could never be together.'

'Jacob is the polar opposite,' Stewart continues. 'He's light. He's fun and warm, and brings the best things out of her. Basically he's her best friend, and if you could date your best friend it would be a beautiful thing, but you're not always in love with them.'

Whether you are on Team Edward, Team Jacob or just rooting for Bella, you'll probably crave more of this fantasy romance. The good news is the third Twilight movie, Eclipse, will be here next summer.

And the bad news? Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows (Part One) opens around the same time, which should make for a real wizard versus vampire battle.



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