Jump-starting a journalism career

Jump-starting a journalism career


Jonathan Wong
Photo: Jonathan Wong

A team of Young Post junior reporters join the editor for an exclusive interview with the cast of the Korean martial arts comedy Jump - and a chance to pose for the cameras as they take on the acrobatic stars

Stephanie Siu

Meeting and interviewing the cast of Jump was not only a golden opportunity, it was great fun as well. I used to think people who study martial arts are cold, but they're not. They're warm and humorous.

Patiently, the performers taught us some basic martial art skills. Even though I'm a klutz when it comes to sport, they took me through the moves step by step without any complaint.

Now, I no longer think martial arts are boring. I not only admire the cast for their ability, I am also impressed by their perseverance and enthusiasm. I wonder how much effort it has taken them to achieve success. We can all learn from them when it comes to pursuing our goals.

I really enjoyed our precious time with them and I'm really looking forward to their performances next week.

Emily Tsang

I found it really interesting that the performers had university degrees in taekwondo and other combat sports.

They seem to have a different culture to the rest of the world, where everyone studies traditional subjects like medicine or law.

I could see how hard the performers had been training from their muscles and flexibility. But they seemed to really enjoy their job and have a lot of fun.

Each member has their own distinct personality and style, but they were all equally hilarious and friendly. I can't wait to meet them again, and I would recommend their show to everyone.

Chan Tze-yan

It was amazing that, with the generous help of Ms Ramsay, I and four other teenagers had a chance to interview the cast of Jump.

The hour we spent with them went very quickly, but it was a precious opportunity and a new experience for us junior reporters.

Despite having different mother tongues, we could still communicate with the performers using body language, simple English and an interpreter.

And what happened when it was time to take photographs was even more unexpected. These international stars started acting like big kids!

The five of us lined up opposite them, and we then began attacking each other. But guess what? We were simply posing for the camera.

I found the cast's behaviour incredible. You would never have guessed from the way they acted that they were elite performers who had won many international awards and taken part in various competitions.

I'm still wondering if everything that happened was all just some wonderful dream.

Jump is showing at the HKAPA from December 24 to 27. Tickets are HK$380 and HK$480 (HK$380-HK$680 for adults) from HK Ticketing on 31 288 288

You're going to watch the show in December? You were at the workshop and enjoyed meeting the Jump team?
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