11 Eyes (Anime)

11 Eyes (Anime)


By James Whittle

Creepy monsters and high-octane battles are the main ingredients of new anime 11 Eyes, where a student must fight other-worldly beings to survive.

The story tells of an orphaned high school student, Kakeru Satsuki, and his childhood friend Yuka Minase. Kakeru's eyes are different colours, making him extremely self-conscious. He would be a complete loner if not for Yuka, and classmates Kaori and Tadashi.

Life is turned upside down when one day the sky turns red, the moon turns black and everyone in the city disappears. Monsters materialise and chase Kakeru and Yuka - just as the beasts corner the pair, the world turns back to normal.

The pair is stunned when they are once more transported to the world of 'Red Night', and again chased by monsters. It looks as if the end is nigh for the pair, when suddenly a katana, or samarai sword, appears out of nowhere, putting an end to the monsters.

To find out what happens next, tune in on www.crunchyroll.com

The show is based on a PC fantasy game that was adapted for Xbox 360 earlier this year. The anime debuted in October alongside a manga adaptation featuring illustrations by Naoto Ayano which is being serialised in Comp Ace magazine.

Handling animation production is Dogakobo Animation Studios, which is responsible for Pikachu's Pikaboo, Planetes, Saikano and Pokemon: The Movie 2000.

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