Bonus songs from Grammy girl

Bonus songs from Grammy girl


By James Whittle

Nearly a year after her second album Fearless was released, Taylor Swift has released a Platinum Edition that contains a boat-load of extras that make the record worth buying a second time.

The singer, who turns 20 next Sunday, has made a name for herself for writing lyrics and melodies worthy of a much older and more experienced musician. Opener Jump Then Fall, for example, is a twangy banjo ballad that is pure country. It's followed by Untouchable, a mesmerising ballad that's almost impossible to switch off.

Apart from the six new tracks, this edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring five music videos, a photo gallery from the Fearless Tour 09, and a behind-the-scenes video of Swift's first Fearless concert. The DVD also contains the special comedy rap music video Thug Story Swift filmed with rapper T-Pain for the 2009 Country Music and Television Awards.

The music videos are for the hit songs Change, The Best Day, Love Story, White Horse and You Belong with Me. There is also 'making-of' footage for those last three videos.

The Platinum Edition is an exceptionally good buy for existing fans, and a great introduction to the starlet who was recently nominated for eight Grammy Awards.

YP rating: 4/5



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