Kiddy Girl-and (Anime)

Kiddy Girl-and (Anime)


By James Whittle

The action continues in Kiddy Girl-and, the sequel to 2002's space opera Kiddy Grade. In Kiddy Grade, Eclair and Lumiere saved the galaxy from destruction; 25 years later, a new police agency, the Galactic Trade Organisation, is in place to keep the peace.

The new series follows two new cadets of the special ES (Encounter with Shadow Work) force, a division staffed with people who have very special abilities. Ascoeur is a bubbly, ditzy girl who has to work as a waitress in the GTO's headquarters coffee shop as part of her training. Fellow trainee Q-feuille is level-headed and the total opposite to her friend, and often covers for Ascoeur when she messes up.

Things get exciting when terrorists take over the coffee shop in an attempt to assassinate the GTO director. It's up to Ascoeur and Q-feuille to stop them and save their boss. But the terrorists have a back-up plan in the form of a giant techno beast. Will the new heroines be able to save the director of GTO and keep property damage to headquarters to a minimum? And what have Eclair and Lumiere been up to since they saved the galaxy?

Kiddy Grade fans won't want to miss this fun and exciting sequel. Funimation, the company that released Kiddy Grade in English, will most do the same with the sequel, so watch out for the DVD.

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