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The Young Post Team

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Job: Mascot (and sleeping)
Born in: I’m a tong gau born ’n bred in Hong Kong
Nicknames: Get Down! Drop that! Don’t sleep there!
Favourite Hangout: Sai Kung on Sundays with the other mutts
Favourite Hobbies: Did I mention sleeping? Okay. Well. I like eating too. I’m pretty good at karaoke. Best of all I like to chase my tail.
Favourite Colour: Brown! no, wait, Red!, er... no Blue!
On my playlist: Aint nothing but a hound dog, How much is that doggie in the window
Food I like: Yes
Idol: Hmmm, so many. Balto would have to best. He’s a dog who should never be forgotten.
Horoscope: I think I’m Aquarius cos I like swimming
Chinese Horoscope: er... Dog?
How I like my steak: Any way! I’m not fussy. Just give it to me Motto: Bones are better if you bury them for two weeks
Pets: Yes, I have the YP team! But they need such a lot of work.
Best school subject: Ball
Teacher’s pet? Of course


Job: Editor
Born in: Durban, South Africa
Nicknames: Voogie
Favourite Hangout: My living room
Favourite Hobbies: Making chocolate, playing strategy games, swimming, horse riding, writing
Favourite Colour: Red
On my playlist: Johnny Clegg and Jaluka, Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Best holiday ever: Learning to be a mahout in Thailand
Food I like: Everything that’s “bad” for you. Ice cream, cheese and of course chocolate
Idol: Genghis Khan, the man of the millennium, a leader, warrior and great tactician.
Horoscope: Virgo
Chinese Horoscope: Rabbit
How I like my steak: Blue. That means hardly cooked at all.
Motto: Carpe diem
Favourite Authors: Right now, I really like Conn Iggulden and Terry Pratchett, others I enjoy include Roald Dahl, William Golding, Mikhail Sholokov, but mostly I read columnists and newspaper writers.
Best subject at school: Biology
Teacher’s pet: Got on better with some teachers than I did with others.


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