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Meeting the cartoon challenge

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By Zoe Mak

Educational and impressive, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a mainland-made animation for children and teens.

A group of cute goats that look like cotton wool balls live together in a village, and Pleasant Goat is their future leader. Big Big Wolf is the descendent of a great wolf warrior but he is very different from his ancestor. He is a caring, father and husband who puts his demanding wife and cute, curious son ahead of everything.

One of the non-goat villagers, Mr Snail, has fallen ill, and everyone is trying to find out why. Pleasant Goat and his friends decide to shrink themselves and get into Mr Snail's body to try to find the problem. The mini goats enter, and to their surprise, bump into Big Big Wolf.

It would be giving away too much to say what happens next; suffice it to say, an epic battle lies ahead for the goats and the supposedly friendly Wolf.

This animation has proved extremely popular on the mainland and in Hong Kong. The story is full of important moral lessons; it is thoughtfully made, and it's clear the authors worked hard to create a fun, yet meaningful and inspiring tale.

The graphics are not especially impressive but, considering it is one of the first mainland-made animated films, they're more than acceptable.

The story is geared primarily towards younger audiences, so some dialogue can be overly detailed. Just hit fast-forward.



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