Script: Listening Exercise 50

Script: Listening Exercise 50


Mr Fix-it is small odd-job/home renovation business in Stanley. People call Mr Fix-it to get small jobs done in their homes that they cannot do themselves. Listen to the three phone calls Mr Fix-it received this morning and then fill in the information sheet for each job.

Job 1

Mr Fix-it: Good morning. Mr Fix-it. How can I help you?

Caller: Good morning. I’m calling you from Mid-Levels. We need some small bookshelves built in our daughter’s bedroom.

Mr Fix-it: No problem. When did you want the job done? We are busy for the rest of the month.

Caller: Her birthday is the last day of January. We would like the bookshelves to be built by then, if possible.

Mr Fix-it: That should be fine. Can you give me a few more details about what you want please?

Caller:We want two sets of bookshelves... about four or five shelves high. One on either side of the bed.

Mr Fix-it: That’s fine. Where did you say you were?

Caller: Mid-Levels.

Mr Fix-it: May I have your name and phone number please?

Caller:Yes, it’s Taylor. T-A-Y-L-O-R. I'm on 5643 4930

Mr Fix-it: Thanks very much. I’ve got that. We will be able to do the job the second week in January. I’ll give you a call to arrange a time to come and measure.

Caller: Could you give me a rough idea of the cost?

Mr Fix-it: Oh, it’s not a big job. I’d say somewhere between three and a half thousand and four thousand dollars.

Caller: Looking forward to hearing from you.

Job 2

Mr Fix-it: Good morning. Mr Fix-it. Can I help you?

Caller: Hello. I’m calling you from Hung Hom. I’m ringing to see if you could do us a small job.

Mr Fix-it: No problem. What sort of job is it? We are rather busy at the moment.

Caller: It’s just a small job. Nothing complicated. We need a small cupboard in the kitchen.

Mr Fix-it: We should have time to do that. Can you give me some details please?

Caller: Yes, we want a cupboard over the sink.

Mr Fix-it: We could build it here and then fix it. Where do you live again?

Caller: Hung Hom.

Mr Fix-it: Can I have your name and phone number please?

Caller: Yes, it’s Lee. L-E-E, and my number is 2746 3002

Mr Fix-it: Fine. I’ve made a note. I’ll come round and take measurements this week and do the job at the start of January. Does that sound okay? I’ll give you a call to see when we can come round.

Caller: Could you give me an idea of how much you charge?

Mr Fix-it: Oh, kitchen cupboards are an easy job. I’d say we could do the job for two and a half thousand dollars.

Caller: Great. I’ll see you later this week.

Job 3

Mr Fix-it: Good morning. Mr Fix-it here. How can I help you?

Caller: Good morning. I’m calling you with a bit of an emergency. I hope you can help us.

Mr Fix-it: What’s the problem? We will do what we can.

Caller: Well, this morning the glass shower door broke. I was getting out of the cubicle and must have knocked the door against the sink. It shattered into thousands of pieces.

Mr Fix-it: Is it just the door that's broken? You didn’t damage the sink?

Caller: No, just the shower door.

Mr Fix-it: Is the door a standard size?

Caller: Oh, yes, I'm sure it is.

Mr Fix-it: Good. There will be no problem getting a new door. Could you call me back with the measurements of the door frame?

Caller: Yes, I’ll measure it straight away.

Mr Fix-it: Could you give me your name and number?

Caller: It’s Tony Chang. C-H-A-N-G. 6584 3321

Mr Fix-it: Thanks, Mrs Chang. We should be able to get the door this morning and come and fit it tomorrow.

Caller: Could you give me a rough idea of how much it will cost?

Mr Fix-it: Oh, a new door and the labour will be about two thousand dollars.

Caller: Cool. I’ll call you back in a few minutes with the measurements. Thanks a lot.


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