Return to rock 'n' roll roots

Return to rock 'n' roll roots


By James Whittle

Bon Jovi travels back in time on their new album The Circle. This is the band's 11th studio album and heralds a return to its roots of straight-up rock 'n' roll.

The band takes a leaf out of Bruce Springsteen's playbook with a number of songs about the hard times and trials of the working man. The album uses the tough economic times as its theme - but it's hard to see how the members of a band which has sold tens of millions of CDs can relate to the common man. Still, ignore the inconsistencies and focus on the music, which rocks.

The album kicks off with We Weren't Born To Follow, a solid rocker anthem with head-bopping potential and a sing-along-able hook.

It's followed by When We Were Beautiful, a heartfelt rock ballad that slow things down between uptempo tracks.

Work for the Working Man will please hardcore Bon Jovi fans. The bass line is almost identical to the band's greatest hit, Livin On A Prayer, and the song has that classic Bon Jovi sound. There's a rousing chorus that will soon be heard in school halls, bars and showers everywhere.

Bon Jovi fans will love this album, and everyone else will enjoy the fun rock sound. This album isn't on the same level as the band's Slippery When Wet - surely nothing ever will be - but it's not far off.



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