Apps that will make life easier: from photo editing tools like VSCO, to discovering new books with Goodreads and videos that will inspire you with TED Talks

Apps that will make life easier: from photo editing tools like VSCO, to discovering new books with Goodreads and videos that will inspire you with TED Talks

We list the most useful downloads for making the most of your summer


More than just games, apps can help you establish new habits and learn new information.
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You probably had a heap of activities planned for  the holiday: hit the beach, read some books, and,  of course, post a bunch of pics of your summer adventures on the ’gram. Here is a list of free apps that will help you achieve all that and more.


Now is the time you can finally put down your textbooks down and pick up a book you actually want to read. If you’re a bookworm, the Goodreads app will be your best friend this summer. Discover new books through the app’s personalised recommendations or book lists created by other users. And if you really want to get really serious about reading, you can join one of the online book clubs or the annual reading challenge. 

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Plant Nanny

It’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re having lots of fun in the sun. Plant Nanny will help you keep track of your water intake and give you that extra motivation to drink regularly. Each cup of water you drink will help your adorable plant in the app grow and keep it happy. The app will calculate your recommended water intake based on your body data, and remind you to drink throughout the day, so you’ll have no excuse to forget!


Determined to start a new habit this summer, or quit a bad one? Whether it’s your goal to wake up earlier, or cut down on junk food, the Done app can help you achieve it. The app allows you to set any habit and displays your progress in streaks, which gives you that extra incentive to keep up the good work – no one likes to see their streak go down to zero.

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Whether you’re travelling overseas or sticking around town over the holidays, we’re sure your phone will be full of captured memories that you’d want to share on social media. VSCO gives you a wide variety of presets that will take your photos and videos to the next level. There is also a range of professional editing tools that allow you to tweak your shot to perfection. Once you’re done with your edits, you can share your creations with the VSCO community and browse through work by other photographers for Insta inspo.


If you are travelling overseas, you’ll definitely want to download iTranslate. The app can translate more than 1,000 languages through sound and visual input. It can translate as you speak into the app, or interpret pictures of signs or menus that you take with your phone’s camera. Even if you’re not travelling, you could use the app to help you learn a new language over the summer.


Unum allows you to thoughtfully plan out the perfect layout for your Instagram feed to achieve that “aesthetic” vibe. The app allows you to view all your photos in a grid and shift your shots around, until you’re happy with how they look. Then you can begin to caption and schedule your posts. The app will even analyse your data and suggest the best times to post.

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Say goodbye to gnarly sunburns with QSun. Aiming to help people enjoy a healthier life, this app tells you what the current UV index is and also reminds users when it is time to apply sun protection. This app is perfect for days at the beach and can help to reduce the chances of getting skin cancer. 


TED is a global community where people from all different backgrounds and cultures share ideas they are passionate about. Usually in the form of 15- to 20-minute videos, TED talks are a platform for spreading knowledge. Talks we love include “Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator” and “This is What Happens When You Reply to Spam Mail”. Their app has more than 3,000 talks that will keep your brain sharp while you’re out of the classroom. 


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