Script: Listening Exercise 49

Script: Listening Exercise 49


Elaine: My boyfriend said that working in a bank would be really tedious and that I would be bored after the first day, but my first day at work last Monday was great and I know I’m going to really like this job. My boss is Tony Tan and he helped me so much to settle in on my first day. He gave me some general information about what my job would involve and he stayed with me the whole day as he introduced me to people and explained what I had to do. In the afternoon, the two of us sat at my work station and he went through the computer software I have to use. The girl at the next desk is called Jenny and she does the same job as me. She is really friendly and says I can ask her for help at any time. This first two weeks I'll just be working on customer accounts. Tony left me on my own for a couple of hours at the end of my first day and I got through quite a lot of work on my PC. I really enjoyed my first day at work and think I am going to love the career I’ve chosen. My boyfriend doesn’t believe I haven't been bored, but I haven’t. Time passes so quickly every day. I was very tired at the end of my first day but I enjoyed every minute of it.

Tom: My first day at work was a bit of a disaster. I arrived ten minutes late because I’d been held up in traffic and the manager was not pleased. I knew I was in charge of waiting on six tables, but the manager told me that one of the other waiters had called in sick and that his tables were being shared out between the others. So, on my first lunch time, I had three extra tables to take care of. At twelve thirty the place was packed. My first customers could not make up their minds what they wanted to eat and took ages to decide. A man at another table shouted at me because I didn’t take his order as soon as he sat down. The chef in the kitchen was in a bad mood because his dog had died the night before. None of the other waiters had time to help me. I got the order for one table completely wrong and they stood up and walked out of the restaurant. I brought some other customers red wine instead of white and they were unpleasant about that. And the worst thing of all... I dropped some pasta on a female customer’s trousers and she was furious. Then I dropped a pizza on the floor as I was bringing it from the kitchen. I had a terrible time my first day at work, but things did get better and I’m okay now.

Sophia: My first day at work was so busy. The phones never stopped ringing. There are three other receptionists on the front desk besides me and none of us had a moment free all day. Besides answering the phone, I had to deal with people who came to reception for information. Most of them wanted to know which floor a particular office was. It’s a big building and visitors don’t know where to go. One man wanted me to actually go with him and show him where to go but I didn't have time to do that. Halfway through the morning Mandy, one of the other receptionists, got a phone call saying her mother had been taken into hospital and she had to leave straight away. That meant more work for us during the rest of the day. In the afternoon, a woman coming out of the lift slipped on the floor and fell over. She wasn’t hurt but I had to help her pick up all her papers and folders. I didn’t have a break in the morning, but I managed to get an hour off at lunchtime and had ten minutes to grab a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I was exhausted when five thirty came round. I’m sure things won’t be so tiring as I get used to the job.


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