Review of 'ME!': The first single off Taylor Swift's upcoming seventh album is four minutes of rainbow unicorn magic and cats

Review of 'ME!': The first single off Taylor Swift's upcoming seventh album is four minutes of rainbow unicorn magic and cats

The song, featuring Panic! At The Disco's Brandon Urie, proves the new-old Taylor is dead, and the queen is back for good


T-Swizzle followed the "Taylor Swift Happy Fan Formula" to a tee.
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Taylor Swift makes a triumphant return in the music video of her new single ME!, which premiered at noon today Hong Kong time.  Not only did the old Taylor return from the dead, she’s come back better and stronger than ever. Gone are the days where she’s lurking in the shadows dressed like a slithery reptile; the newly metamorphosed Taylor has the wings of a butterfly and is a living, breathing rainbow-vomiting unicorn.

The “Taylor Swift formula” is all about giving fans exactly what they want - for instance, her cats.  Her beloved Scottish Folds, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, made a cameo in the video, and are referred to as “nos filles” (French for our daughters”) by an almost-psychotic Swift.

And, as expected, kittens are the key to winning Queen Swizzle’s heart - she refuses a bouquet of flowers, and a diamond ring from her beau, only warming up to him after he offers her a kitten to cuddle.

Just as in Shake It Off and Look At What You Made Me Do, the ever-so-versatile Swift deserves an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of her alter egos, and for being the master of self-mockery.

For longtime fans, it’s like taking a walk down memory lane - her dancing is a throwback to her awkward moves from the 1989 era.

The rooftop scene is reminiscent of 2012’s Begin Again, where she sits on a rooftop in Paris (presumably she’s somewhere in France here, too). But where the low-key ballad Begin Again was written following her break-up with Harry Styles, this energetic, joyful new number is the product of her current happiness with Joe Alwyn.

Her music videos, in a way, mirror her real-life experience of growing up and and finding her own voice as an artist. Essentially, they dramatise whatever it is she’s going through in her (love) life.

As always, Swift is unashamedly herself.  She sets her own rules - one of them being that it’s cool to be uncool.  In front of a Wizard of Oz-style palace, she declares to the world “Hey, kids! Spelling is fun!”

Those who’ve only recently caught Taylor fever in particular will be mesmerised by the visual effects, such as the heart-shaped kaleidoscope tunnel, and the dress that cascades into an endless rainbow-colored slime puddle.  

Throughout the video, Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie, who features on the song, looks totally at home, matching Swift’s energy and enthusiasm in each of his own adopted personalities.

Suffice it to say, this video has something for everyone.  The queen is back for good, and she sure is in a good mood.  And this time around, she’s determined to not let anyone rain on her parade.

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