Spoil Your Folks! Jennifer Li Tsz-yi's entry for the Young Post buffet dinner competition

Spoil Your Folks! Jennifer Li Tsz-yi's entry for the Young Post buffet dinner competition

We asked our readers to write about what their perfect date with their parents or guardians would look like for their chance to win a buffet dinner at a five-star-hotel. Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited

If I had a day out with my parents, what would we do? Shopping in a mall? Or going to Disneyland? Incorrect! Alternatively, I would like to have a simple and enjoyable day with my family. So where we would like to go to?

On that day,We would get up early in the morning. After having breakfast, we go to the pier and take the ferry. The sunlight shine brightly and I can see an inland not far away.`That’s Cheung Chau isn’t it?’my sister shout deafeningly. When we arrived,we can see lots of stalls which are selling different hand-made products. There are eyes catching! We start our journey and walk forward to the stalls. Fruit and ice cream are bought. Also, we rent three bicycles and ride around to explore here. Many natural features can be found. Soon, we go to a restaurant to have our lunch and try some local seafood there. When we alighted to the Tung Wan beach, we sit on a mat and play for a while.Then we buy some snacks like fishball and potato chips that call crazy jack.

At around 4pm we leave Cheung Chau and go to AIA The Great European Carnival.There is really crowded and we line up to buy tickets and coins. There are a lot of rides.First we ride on Carousel after a long queue. Then we ride on a Ferris wheel.We can see the whole view of central!Thats amazing! The sunset attract our eyes, it is the most dazzling view I have ever seen. Moreover, we ride on the roller coaster.It is not only stimulating but also exciting. After that, we have dinner in a Japanese restaurant near by.We eat some sushi and ramen and feel relaxing. We turn home at 9pm in the end.

This is a day that I want to spend with my idols.It is simple but enjoyable.The time spending with them is the warmest.

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