Online net widens

Online net widens

New laws, if passed, will cover more copyright problems

Hong Kong

New laws will apply to more online theft such as streaming copyrighted material including movies, shows and music files.

Internet service providers will send messages to users who make copyrighted music or video available to others on the internet that their actions are against the law, according to a new government proposal.

Copying music from a CD to MP3 format for use in a player such as an iPod will not be outlawed.

But converting a DVD movie for use in a portable player will still be against the law.


Local experts have been calling for the copyright laws to be amended because of the rapidly changing digital environment.

The global music industry says business has dropped about 80 per cent since the mid-1990s, mainly due to piracy.

Internet Society chairman Charles Mok said the new rules should be clearer. He is concerned they will target people who edit a copyrighted clip or music file for fun.

He said this could include short clips of movies posted on Facebook.

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