Glamour and musical fusion

Glamour and musical fusion


by James Whittle

With a strong, sultry voice combined with 50s pin-up girl style, Paloma Faith has all the ingredients of a chart-topping singer. Her debut album Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? is an instant ear-grabber from the moment you press play.

The half-Spanish, half-British performer has worked as a magician's assistant, dancer and actress among other things, and her musical influences are as diverse, including Billie Holiday, Etta James, P.J. Harvey and Edith Piaf.

The album tracks are surprisingly sumptuous for a contemporary artist, and reminiscent of the careful productions of years past.

Opening song and first single Stone Cold Sober is a grand soul number which is also supremely danceable.

This is followed by the sweeping Smoke and Mirrors, a jazzy track set to become a karaoke favourite.

The title track is a soulful number that brings to mind 1930s speakeasies, images of Shanghai's Bund and general sophistication and glamour.

This is a unique album and very pleasant listening experience that combines the jazz band styling of the Cotton Club with modern pop for some interesting musical fusion.



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