Ignore the cliches, be amazed

Ignore the cliches, be amazed


by Sunny Tse

Fans of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day are bound to enjoy 2012. It's a typical Roland Emmerich end-of-the-world movie and a mixture of the two aforementioned blockbusters: highly entertaining, thought-provoking and so breathtaking you'll be constantly on the edge of your seat.

Set in the near future, the imminent apocalypse this time is induced by the earth's shifting poles. Massive earthquakes around the world are causing huge trenches in the planet's crust, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.

The government has built huge arks to save the human race from the resulting flooding - but not everyone is invited.

The plot is cliched and very predictable, but it's the brilliant special effects, believable CGI and John Cusuck's great acting that make the movie unmissable if you love action thrillers. Buildings are wrecked in innovative fashion, the whole of Los Angeles is flooded, Yellowstone Park erupts in a series of lava showers and famous landmarks the world over shatter.

You can't help but empathise with Cusack's unlikely hero, but the many close calls and just-in-time rescues highlight the plot's weaknesses.

But if you can ignore the poor dialogue and lengthy running time - 158 minutes - 2012 will awaken your inner child and force you to think about some complicated issues of humanity.



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