SCRIPT: Teething problems [October 23, 2018]

SCRIPT: Teething problems [October 23, 2018]

A new business always has teething problems

Jeff: Thanks for calling, Ms Chan. It’s been a busy couple of days and we’ve had a few issues. But, on the whole, things have been good.

Ms Chan: I was pleased with your sales figures for the first two days, Leo. You sold a lot of coffee! Very encouraging.

Jeff: Yes, but one or two things did go wrong.

Ms Chan: A new business always has teething problems. Is there anything you want me to help you with?

Jeff: No, thank you. We didn’t have any major problems, just a few little things.

Ms Chan: Are you sure you don’t need any help?

Jeff: Not at the moment, thanks very much. But we need to advertise the post of barista.

Ms Chan: What happened? I thought we had a full team working in the shop. You have a staff of eight not counting you, don't you?

Jeff: Jenny, one of the baristas, didn’t turn up this morning. When I called her to see where she was, she said she had been offered a job in another coffee shop with a better salary. I thanked her very much for letting me know. I wasn’t very pleased.

Ms Chan: That wasn’t responsible of her. She should have contacted you.

Jeff: Yes, she should have. So we are one member of staff down.

Ms Chan: I’ll put an advert for a barista online this afternoon. And make it clear that it is for immediate employment.

Jeff: Thanks. We also need to think about food. We didn’t get the number of sandwiches right. I ordered fifty a day from our supplier, but on both days we had sold out before twelve o’clock. We could have sold double the amount, so I have contacted the supplier and increased our order.

Ms Chan: Excellent!

Jeff: And the dishwasher broke down this afternoon. Two of the staff had to take over and wash the dirty mugs and plates by hand when they should have been working with customers. I phoned a workman and he is on his way now. But he says the brand of dishwasher we have installed is not reliable. They break down all the time, apparently! 

Ms Chan: Strange. We’ve got the same brand of dishwasher in all our shops, and we haven’t ever had a problem. See what the workmansays when he arrives.

Jeff: Of course. I’m hoping he gets here soon. I’d really like to leave for home by 11pm.

Ms Chan: Of course. Call me in the morning if you need anything. Thanks, Leo. Goodnight!


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