The Wind Singer by William Nicholson

The Wind Singer by William Nicholson


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The Wind Singer by William Nicholson
Published by Egmont Books
ISBN 9781405239691

In the city of Aramanth, where people must take annual examinations from the age of two, the Hath family is under pressure.

Their problem is they don't care about exams. They simply want everyone to be happy, especially their youngest daughter, who sees life as an adventure. She does not understand she should 'reach higher, try harder, make tomorrow better than today'. But if you do not do well in the exams, there is no hiding it. The town is divided into rings of colour, with each family wearing clothes determined by the results of their exams and given housing accordingly.

Unfortunately, the Haths are rebellious spirits and like to dress their children, especially the baby, in multi-coloured clothes, which brings disapproval from the High Council.

In the centre of the town is a wooden tower known as The Wind Singer - legend has it that people were happy when its song could be heard.

Rebellious Kestrel Hath and her twin brother Bowman set out on a dangerous journey to recover the missing part that will make the tower sing again and restore harmony to their troubled homeland.

Join them as they battle wind-sailors, live with mud people, cross dangerous chasms and face giant wolves. They find an unusual companion and helper in Mumpo. He has loved Kestrel and protected her more than she has ever known, especially at school, where her family's unwillingness to follow orders has her earmarked as a troublemaker.

Is he the mumbling fool he seems? Will he ever find his true father? Will Kestrel and Bowman make the tower sing again? Read this first instalment of the Wind on Fire trilogy and find out.

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