HK eco-festival GreenFest will change the way you think about food and the environment

HK eco-festival GreenFest will change the way you think about food and the environment

The event will feature a variety of hands-on workshops, talks, and lunch provided by the Mandarin Oriental


We need to rethink the way we produce what we eat.
Photo: SCMP/ Xiaomei Chen

A festival has lined up a host of change leaders to deliver workshops and talks to inspire tomorrow's leaders about the future of food.

Among the speakers at the festival, set up especially for Hong Kong secondary school students, is David Yeung, the man behind Green Monday; Peggy Chan, the founder of plant-based restaurant Grassroots Pantry; and Cesar Jung-Harada, an environmental entrepreneur and hydroponics expert who turns green action into living art.

Shatin College students release eco-friendly recipe book

There will be talks on kombucha, which is a fermented tea drink, waste upcycling, and - led by Shatin College's Eco-Gladiators - a workshop on how to make environmentally-frie ndly cleaning products. Parents can join in the evening, for free, to watch the movie Wasted, an award-winning documentary about food waste, featuring the late, great chef Anthony Bourdain.

Tickets cost HK$150 for each day, which includes lunch by the Mandarin Oriental. Places are very limited. For more info, head to

The GreenFest by Hysan will be held at Hysan Place on November 10 and 11.


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Linda Hina


I must say the festivals of this kind are a good initiative for changing the lifestyle to the worthy. As the population has been increasing so fast and we all know that one day we will have a shortage of living and food. I also have written this article for our young generation to grow up. That is why we all need to have a small garden in our houses so we may have the best atmosphere with the benefits too.