SCRIPT: Mr Smith’s Visit [September 4, 2018]

SCRIPT: Mr Smith’s Visit [September 4, 2018]

Peter Smith, from London, is coming to Hong Kong to discuss a contract with Westgate Shipping. Jenny Ho, a senior manager at Westgate, and Sam, her personal assistant, are discussing arrangements for his visit

Jenny: Right. What have you arranged for Mr Smith’s visit? It’s tomorrow he arrives, isn’t it?

Sam: Yes, his plane lands tomorrow afternoon. He’s here for four days. I’ve got tomorrow and Thursday organised,  then we’ll play it by ear for the other two days. We’ll just see how things go.

Jenny: That’s fine. So, what’s happening? It’s his first trip to Hong Kong, so we need to make it memorable.

Sam: His flight lands at 13.40, British Airways flight zero-three-one. I’ll go to the airport to meet him, then we’ll get a taxi from the airport to the hotel.

Jenny: How much will that cost?

Sam: The last time I took a taxi it was just under four hundred dollars.

Jenny: Right, okay. Make sure you get a receipt.

Sam: Will do. I’ll get him settled in his hotel and then leave him to recover from his journey. He’s bound to be tired after the long flight.

Jenny: I think it’s about fourteen hours from London to Hong Kong.

Sam: Less than that. it’s just over eleven.

Jenny: What have you arranged for dinner tomorrow evening?

Sam: Nothing. He might just want to rest and get a snack or something. I’ll discuss it when we get to the hotel. If he wants to go out for dinner, I’ll go back to the hotel and take him somewhere local.

Jenny: Yes. Good idea.

Sam: I haven’t booked breakfast at the hotel. I’ll collect Mr Smith each morning and we’ll have breakfast in a coffee shop on the way here.

Jenny: Brilliant.

Sam: Now, I presume his first business meeting will be with you on Thursday morning.

Jenny: Yes. I’ll see him here in my office for a chat as soon as you get here. We’ll say mid-morning. I haven’t got anything else booked for Thursday so I’ll spend the day with him, take him out for lunch, then in the afternoon we have a meeting with Mr Yeung and his team. In the evening we’ll take Mr Smith out to dinner with a couple of other people from senior management. I don’t know who yet. I’ll organise that tomorrow.

Sam: If you don’t need Mr Smith for any business meetings on Friday morning, I’ll give him a whistle-stop tour of Hong Kong if that’s okay with you. It would be a shame if he travelled all the way from England and only saw his hotel and meeting rooms. 

Jenny: Yes, that’s a good idea. We’ll see how far we get with him on Thursday. When does he fly back?

Sam: Saturday evening. British Airways. BA thirty-two at 23.10. 

Jenny: You could do your quick tour on Saturday morning if we need more meetings on Friday.

Sam: That might be a bit difficult. I’ve promised to play in a badminton match on Saturday morning. But I will be free on Saturday evening to take Mr Smith to the airport.

Jenny: All that sounds excellent. We seem to have got everything in place. We really want to get this contract if we can, so we have to put on a good show. 

Sam: Do I need to see you tomorrow before I go to the airport?

Jenny: No. You can still have the morning off tomorrow and go to the airport in the evening as you’ve planned. Give me a call when you’ve picked him up.

Sam: No problem. See you Thursday!


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