SCRIPT: Argh! I've cut myself! [May 30, 2018]

SCRIPT: Argh! I've cut myself! [May 30, 2018]

Conversation 1

Jenn: Oh, my goodness, William! What happened to you? There’s blood all down your shorts and T-shirt. What have you done?
William: It’s not as bad as it looks, don’t panic!
Jenn: Here! Sit down on this bench. Hold your hand out and let me look.   
William: You’ll get blood on your shirt, Jenn.
Jenn: Don't worry about that. Does anyone have a clean, dry towel? William’s cut his hand. Thanks. Here, press this on the cut. It’s still bleeding badly.
William: I feel a bit dizzy.
Jenn: No wonder! Peter! Bring William a glass of water. There’s a bottle on the table. Thanks.    
William: I was just walking over the rocks to go for a swim and I slipped. I put my hand out to save myself and there was broken bottle I had not seen lying there. I put my hand straight down on a piece of glass.
Jenn: Oh, no! What idiot would leave broken glass just lying around like that?
William: It might have washed in with the tide. Wow! It hurts!
Jenn: I think there might be a bit of glass still in the cut. There’s a first aid station over by the changing rooms. I think we should go and get someone to take a look. You might need stitches! We’ll get a taxi if we need to go to the hospital. Take my arm if you still feel a bit dizzy. Hey, guys! I’m taking William to get some first aid. Can you look after our stuff till we get back, please?

Conversation 2

Mum: Why did you just scream? Oh, no! What have you done?
Donna: I was just cutting up some veggies for dinner and the knife slipped and went straight into my hand.
Mum: Quick, wrap this towel round it. I’ll get the first-aid kit out of the bathroom cabinet.  
Donna: Don’t fuss, Mum.  It’s only a small cut.
Mum: Sit down. I’d better have a look. We might need to take you to the emergency room to get stitches.
Donna: It’s not as bad as that. It’s only a small cut.
Mum: But it’s bleeding a lot. Unwrap the towel so I can see.
Donna: If you could please get me the liquid antiseptic out of the bathroom cabinet, I’ll clean it up. It looks worse than it is. 
Mum: It’s unlike you to be so careless.
Donna: I think I’ll live.
Mum: There’s no need to be funny!  Here, let’s dab it with some antiseptic.
Donna: Wah! That stings!
Mum: It’s not a deep cut. You were lucky. Let the antiseptic dry and then put a plaster on it. And the next time you prepare vegetables, just be more careful.
Donna: Yes, Mum. I’ll wear plastic gloves and then if the knife slips I won’t cut my hand. 
Mum: There’s no need to be sarcastic, either. Come on, I’ll finish the vegetables, you go and sit down. You look a bit pale. You’ve had a bit of a shock, I think. Go and relax, and I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.  


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