SCRIPT: Up, up and away [April 18, 2018]

SCRIPT: Up, up and away [April 18, 2018]

Flying off on business or for a holiday takes some planning to make sure nothing is forgotten

Voice:  Conversation one

Peggy: Hi Alex! It’s Peggy. How are you? Are you all packed? When do you fly? 

Alex: Yes, I’m all packed. Im allowed two suitcases and they are stuffed.  I’m allowed thirty kilos each case. I’m just under the limit with each one.

Peggy: Sixty kilos! Whatever are you taking with you? Everything but the kitchen sink?

Alex: Almost! Remember I’m away for two years, so I am taking a lot of clothes. It’s going to be freezing cold in London when I land. The winter clothes I’ve packed probably won’t be suitable for the English winter weather, but I’ll soon find out.

Peggy: So, when do you fly?

Alex: On Friday. I’m taking a taxi to the airport because I can’t manage those suitcases on the train or bus. I’ve never done a long-haul flight before. It’s a night flight, so I hope I can sleep.  

Peggy: Have you bought one of those sausage-like neck cushions that everyone always seems to be carrying around the airport?

Alex: I bought one for an overnight flight to Tokyo last year. They really work when it comes to getting comfy and falling asleep. But it’s not so good when you wake up; after that Japan flight, I woke up with a stiff neck. And that was only four hours! What I’ll be like after an eleven-hour flight, I don’t know.

Peggy: You’ll be fine. Anyway, have a good and safe flight, and get in touch as soon as you can to let me know you’re okay! I’ll miss you, but I’m so excited for your new adventure!

Voice: Conversation two

Mum: Hello, darling!  I know you’ve told me already, but when do you fly? I didn’t write the date down, and you know how easily I forget things. I know you’re away in May. It’s your Aunt Sadie’s birthday on the first of June. She’ll be fifty. I’m going to organise a family dinner for her, and I was wondering if you’ll be back.  

Kate: Ah, yes! I was supposed to fly on the third of May, next week, and stay for three weeks.  But things have changed a bit ...

Mum: Has the trip been postponed?

Kate: Well, yes and no!

Mum: What do you mean?   

Kate: I was going to call you last night, but I didn’t want you to worry.

Mum: Worry? Worry? I’m worried now. What’s happened?

Kate: Well, I had a small accident yesterday morning on the way to work. I slipped on the pavement - and I’ve broken my wrist.

Mum: Oh, no! What happened?

Kate: I just slipped, I think on a bit of rubbish, fell down and landed on my wrist. Jenny was with me and she knows a bit about first aid. She knew straight away that I’d broken something, so she called a taxi and took me to the hospital.

Mum: Why didn’t you call me from the hospital?

Kate: Jenny was with me, so I was okay. They X-rayed my wrist, and I’ve broken it in two places. So - and don’t get in a flap about this - I have to have a small operation tomorrow to reset the bone. Jenny’s going to come with me - I’ll only be there for the morning, then they’ll let me go home. So, to answer your question, I won’t be flying anywhere for a short while, and yes, I can come to Aunt Sadie’s birthday! 


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