SCRIPT: We were caught napping [March 21, 2018]

SCRIPT: We were caught napping [March 21, 2018]

If someone is caught napping, something happens to that person that they are not prepared for

Conversation One

Jimmy: You will never guess what happened last weekend! It was unbelievable. You know I’ve been captain of the school’s senior football team this term. We’ve been playing very well. The team’s a good set of lads. Everybody turns up to football practice twice a week, and our coach, Mr Lee, really makes us work hard in training and it’s been paying off.

We’ve won three of our seven matches this term. But our defence is still a bit weak, and that needs some work. Last week we had a match against St Mark’s, the best team in the league. They are a very strong team, and haven’t lost a single match in the last three seasons.

They were the only team we were dreading playing. We are no match for them, we knew that, but we were determined to play our best. That’s one thing that’s really good about our team. We have a positive team spirit. None of the lads ever give up. We hang on until the end! [laughs].

Last weekend, we were not at our strongest, and I wasn’t expecting a miracle. Tommy Ho and Peter Wong, two of our best players, both had flu and couldn’t play, so we had to bring in two substitutes.

Neither team scored in the first half. It was a slow game. St Mark’s didn’t need to put much effort in, and they knew it. They were just coasting. I know their tactics: they were waiting until the last minutes of the game, then they would speed up and score the winning goal. I’ve seen them do that before with a weaker team.

But ten minutes before the final whistle, a miracle happened. We caught their goalkeeper napping, and Tony Ma scored. One to us, nil to them. This threw St Mark’s off-balance, confused them totally and they fell to pieces. We won the match! Against the mighty St Mark’s! How about that?

Conversation Two

Jenny: I was totally caught napping last weekend. I had decided to have a really lazy day on Saturday. We had had a stressful week at work. The computer system had been down one whole morning, and we had to work like the blazes to catch up after that. So, Saturday was going to be a "me day". I didn’t get out of bed until almost midday. Then I made myself an omelette for lunch, and sat on the sofa eating it, with the TV on. I was going to bingewatch Defenders on Netflix.

Suddenly, my doorbell rang. No one would call on me just like that, without warning. And if it had been a family emergency or something like that, I’d have received a phone call. I opened the door very cautiously, keeping the chain on. And I couldn’t believe my eyes! Jane Tsang was standing there! Jane Tsang! I was flabbergasted!

I hadn’t seen her for three years. We’d been best friends through secondary school. She was always ambitious, and three years ago she moved to London for a promotion with the company she worked for. We kept in touch and talked about me going to see her. But I never did.

And there she was, standing on my doorstep! I was totally thrown! I’d really been caught napping!   


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