Vox Pop: second hand shops

Vox Pop: second hand shops

Have you noticed any shops in your area which sell second hand goods?

Reporter Tim Chui is investigating these shops to find out what they are selling and whether or not they are seeing an increase in business during the downturn. This will make a lovely Chinese New Year yarn. So, here are the questions:

Name of the shop.
What the shop is selling.
Has business improved.
What kind of people buy things from this shop.
Pick two of the top bargains in this shop.
Photograph your wierdest find.

Now, here’s the kicker. Instead of just sending us reports from a dozen different shops, you decide which is the best one. Which is the most interesting or where you get the best quotes. Put them in order of preference so that we can see what you judge to be the best.

Send your email to reporters.club@scmp.com with your details and “second hand shops” in the subject field

Deadline for this assignment: Friday 27 November


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