Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Vanshika Grey

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Vanshika Grey

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness I heard a sound behind me and turned and came face to face with a fire breathing dragon at first I was not afraid but seeing me tremble the dragon said hey don't be afraid I'm Steve a friendly dragon.
I know you are faced with bullies in school everyday and how you long wished for something or someone to help you get back at them. So here I am. Hop on to my back then we'll go to the two S' s homes. (In school these two girls Sandra and Sidra thought they are the 'coolest' girls because their names begin with the letter S and they're friends. Furthermore they're trendsetters I mean whatever they wear or do the next day the whole school is brain washed and following them.)
First we went to Sandra's home. In the peak yes rich girl. At her home we saw Sandra picking out a new outfit for tomorrow and to set yet another tread but off she went to the washroom.  That's when Steve said time for action. Then we went into Sandra's room and Steve breath fire in Sandra's wardrobe. And we meleft.
On our way to Sidra's home both Steve and I had an evil smile on our faces.
As we got to Sidra's home we saw  that she had 9 other siblings. Family planning all I thought to myself. But then Steve said they aren't real siblings but they are refugee kids. You see Sidra's father is a social worker and whenever he sees children in need he brings them home. Now really feeling bad I asked Steve if we could go home. The next day I went school and saw Sandra in a simple top and flip-flops. As I giggled over knowing the real reason behind her being so 'simple.'

There came Sidra in expensive clothes.

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