Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Eunice Choi

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Eunice Choi

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness, I heard a sound behind me and turned, and came face to face with the creature of the dark woods.

Who am I? Why am I here? Dressed up in a suit of armor, I realized I was a knight who was on a quest. How gallant a knight could be, yet by the thought of this made me panicked.

They way, the eyes are the mirror of the soul.  The blink of a dragon is remarkable. It hides the beauty of their immortal eyes and then promptly restores it in a way that trembles the heart. Knowing my courage was empty, my bravery was a lie, my heart was beyond trembling.

My eyes tried to avoid the creature, but I saw it again. The dead, lifeless eyes, the way it moved so swiftly out of the darkness. The voice inside me told me that I must slay the dragon. But how could I? I am no courageous knight. Behind all the disguise, I am a coward.

Before I could rationalize things, its sturdy hand clapped over my mouth and snatched me right off the ground. It played with my mind- it let me run a little way and overtook me with just one paw.

The creature grabbed my wrist and pinned me against a tree. I could feel the sharp edges prodding uncomfortably into my back. I could feel myself bleeding, the beads of sweat forming on my forehead. I felt my heart stopped for a beat with the thought of death.

The only sensation I experienced was the damp chill of the dragon’s skin pressing against me, part of myself want to give in. Part of me knew it wasn’t true. The dragon in front of me was just a form of fear, an illusion.

‘The only way to live through this, is to slay… the… dragon…’ I stuttered.

Trusting my intuition, I believed in the strength of the knight I was disguised as. Using the last moments of my fading energy, I held up my sword and chopped its head down. It was that easy… My vision then faded to black.

It was dawn and the dew on the glass had frozen in the night, leaving little crystals that looked similar to veins of a wing. I got up shakily, looked through the frosty window of logs and timer huts, and smiled with relief.

I have been told that dragons are fairy tales. But from what I believe, fairy tales are more than true- not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. Slaying a genuine physical dragon might not be possible in reality, but slaughtering the dragon of fear is. So “here’s to my future, here’s to my yesterday, here’s to change.” Learning how to live with my fears, I arrive at the “mouth of the river”.

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