Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Karthi Duraiswamy

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Karthi Duraiswamy

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness I heard a sound behind me and turned and came face to face with nothing or at least I thought there wasn't a thing till a sound said down here. I looked down and saw an adorable baby dragon. What do you rich jocks think that small people don't exist ? Continued an angry yet adorable dragon. And before I could say or do anything the little dragon transported me to some place I've never been to before in my life.

There were little kids playing in streets while it was raining. Then one of the kids fell. And the kid got up and even though he was covered in mud his friends did not mind they invited the kid to play. Talk about hygiene I said. You and your rich boy attitude said the dragon .

Next the dragon brought me to an African house. Where the father of the house came home after a hard day's work. All 9 kids came running to greet their father. Seeing this I wondered why was the dragon showing me all this. Seeing the blank expression on my face the dragon said even though this family may not have much but  they surely have love for one another. Before the dragon could go on it saw me crying. Why are you crying ? Asked the dragon.  Still in tears I said when my father was alive I used to ignore him then one day he had a heart attack and left everything. So now do you have a different view of life ? I nodded. Next thing I know my alarm clock is ringing.  Before going to school I gave my mom a big fat hug.

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