Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Choi Cheuk-woon

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Choi Cheuk-woon

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness, I heard a sound behind me and turned, and came face to face with my nemesis, oblivion.

Without warning, oblivion attacked. His shadows were already dissolving into the nighttime darkness when I hear his footsteps. He was as fast as a leopard, and moved as swiftly as an eagle.

They say, ‘words cut more than swords’. And it is undeniably true. Oblivion laughed at me, teased me for I was not like the others. I won’t describe how I look, because I couldn’t. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse. I lack cheekbones and eyebrows, I have scars on my face… My face is distorted. Oblivion seemed to find my weak spot and kept poking fun of me-calling me a monster, an alien, an outlander.

A sudden gush of pain jolted throughout my body: my stomach ached, my arms lost tension and my legs began to weaken. Bruised and winded, my head was pounding so hard I could not rationalize things. That’s when I saw it, my dragon.

Dragons always knew when to awake. In the gloom there was steam, rising in short puffs, tiny clouds disappearing into the twilight. There it was, a vast red-golden dragon, my very own dragon. How dauntless he looked, with such delicately scaled green shield, he poised for attack.

Without warning, immense explosions of flames erupted, shooting wildly in all directions. The dragon reared up on its hind legs. Its claws were as sharp as knives. As it began to lurch forward, the ground trembled. My dragon felt desperate to fight for me and to protect me. His glaring red eyes stared down to the vulnerable oblivion, opening its crimson jaws to reveal his sharp savage teeth. The dragon was intimidating for even the bravest warrior to face. Just as expected, oblivion ran hastily, faster than he had ever ran before. And in a couple of seconds, he was gone.

Maybe I saw a fairy, maybe I saw a dragon, or maybe it was solely my imagination, but I put my faith into believing this, even if in actuality, they don’t. Every person has those things in their lives that hold them back and are so hard to overcome, mine was oblivion. Having a distorted face, I was being looked down and underestimated, I had been left out by society. It kept me from where I need to be going with my life. All these years, I hid under the shadows, “I was living, but I was never breathing”.

My dragon was a sign of bravery and courage. It brought me out of the shadows and conquered oblivion. And maybe, next time, I could be the dragon of my own.

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