Hong Kong set for first cold weather warning of winter 2017 as temperature set to drop

Hong Kong set for first cold weather warning of winter 2017 as temperature set to drop

This week's mild temperatures may have made last weekend's chill feel like a one-off, but it looks like winter is on its way


Maybe chuck a coat over that hoodie this Sunday.
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The first cold weather warning for Hong Kong this winter could soon be issued as the city’s official forecaster said the low temperature this Sunday could plunge to 12 degrees Celsius.

Over the next few days, readings are expected to remain between 18 and 22 degrees, according to the Observatory. But temperatures are anticipated to start dropping drastically over the weekend. 

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The daily minimum temperature on Saturday is predicted to fall to 14 degrees and dip further to 12 degrees on Sunday and Monday. The New Territories could experience even chillier readings.

A cold front advancing towards southern China is responsible. But conditions are expected to remain sunny and dry.


The Observatory typically issues a cold weather warning when the city’s minimum temperature falls below 12 degrees. It also takes humidity and wind speed into account.

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The weather authority issued three such warnings in January and February this year. The coldest temperature was recorded on February 26, when a reading of 10.6 degrees was recorded.

Last December, only one cold weather warning was issued, after Christmas, and it was in force for less than 48 hours.


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