Taylor Swift releases Call It What You Want, treating fans to another new song from upcoming album Reputation

Taylor Swift releases Call It What You Want, treating fans to another new song from upcoming album Reputation

And from the sounds of it, she's been too busy falling in love to worry about the haters


Time for another week of lyric analysis and wearing out the replay button.
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Taylor Swift is determined not to give journalists any peace on Fridays. She announced on Instagram last night that the fourth offering from her upcoming album reputation, titled Call It What You Want, would be dropping at midnight Eastern Time in the US (12pm today in Hong Kong).

Swift also posted a snippet of the song’s lyrics: “Holding my breath/ Slowly I said/ ‘You don’t have to save me/ But would you run away with me?’ ‘Yes’”.

Well, the song is here as promised, and it appears to reveal a lot in its three-and-a-half minutes.

In line with Swift's other releases from Reputation, the latest track feels polished yet minimal, without much of a built-up chorus.

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But much like the Swift of records past, Call It What You Want tells a story of struggle, triumph and rebirth (and of course, romance). It’s clear why the instrumentals are understated here: they aren’t supposed to overshadow the lyrics, which are the song’s real essence, with refrains such as: My castle crumbled overnight / I brought a knife to a gun fight/ They took the crown but its alright.

Yet overall, the imagery is dreamy, with references to building fires, making forts and feeling brand new. Swift sings: “Bridges burn/ I never learn/ But at least I did one thing right”.

Of all the reputation tracks released so far, this one seems to really lay itself bare. Fans who’ve been waiting to piece together the events of the past year of Swift’s life now can.

And contrary to what Look What You Made Me Do might’ve had us believe, Swift hasn’t spent all that time thinking about karma. She’s been getting on with her life (and making amazing music). So we’re going to leave aside any other speculating and let this nostalgia-filled tune get us through the rest of the day. Once again, Swift has our anthem for the weekend covered.


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