LEW's debut album Lullacry channels Ed Sheeran, and showcases vocal range and soothing sounds [Review]

LEW's debut album Lullacry channels Ed Sheeran, and showcases vocal range and soothing sounds [Review]

A former Sha Tin College student, Lewis Loh, aka LEW, has just dropped his debut album, Lullacry. His 13-track album is a mix of poppy, acoustic numbers and ethereal tunes full of rich harmonics. And while he may have started out covering other artists, this record is all original.

The Hong Kong-born LEWs lead song Loved You So's slow, lullaby-like composition perfectly sums up the rest of the album - it's soothing and emotionally-driven, with raw and dynamic lyrics likes Forgiveness comforts you to sleep.

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LEW’s fluid, delicate vocals are all the more evident in Crazy, where he pleads with the listener to Please hear this, I don’t know what you’re waiting for,” a sentiment fused to an effortless mix of different instruments.

Wings shows off the acoustic singers ability to vividly connect the listener to his experiences and ideas with his tender vocals, as does Reality, in which he sings about heartbreak. “They say don’t tell your stories out loud/ But that’s what makes them true,” he sings, in lyrics that expresses his feelings of pain, joy and betrayal.

His appreciation for Ed Sheeran and Passenger is evident in his frequent use of distinct and ethereal melodies, as heard in slow-dance friendly tracks like Baby Steps.

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For all his love of Sheeran-esque acoustics though, LEW is far from just a one-trick pony. The singer switches to a more upbeat, soft-rock style in Contract and Crazy, proving that he is just as capable of producing hits outside of his mainstay genre.

If you’ve been following the singer since he started posting covers and original on Facebook, this is surely on your to-download list. I’d suggest you move it to the top of the list. And if you’ve yet to experience Lew’s unique voice and musical stylings, the melodic sounds and tinkling harmonics on Lullacry make perfect rainy day listening material - so what are you waiting for?

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