Script: Listening Exercise 47

Script: Listening Exercise 47


Pet 1

Peggy: Yes, no problem. We have vacancies for the fifth to the twentieth of April. Could I take some details please?
Owner:Polly is a British shorthair cat. She’s dark and light brown. This is the first time she’s ever been away from home. I’m a bit nervous about bringing her to you.
Peggy: She will be well cared for, I can assure you. How old is Polly?
Owner: Oh….. she’s three years old. It was her birthday last month.
Peggy: Is she your only pet?
Owner: Yes. We had an older cat but he died two years ago.
Peggy: I’m sorry. Was he Polly’s father?
Owner: No. Sandy was her uncle. Now, Polly’s a very happy cat. She is very playful.
Peggy: I’ll make a note of that. Now, I’ve got your address. Can you give me your mobile number, please?
Owner: 3464 3221. You must give me a call if Polly doesn’t settle down.
Peggy: If there are any problems, we will contact you immediately. Now, food. Is there anything that Polly prefers to eat?
Owner: She loves chicken. Please give her lots of chicken. And no milk. She drinks water, not milk.
Peggy: That’s fine. I think I’ve written down everything we need to know.
Owner: There is just one more thing. Polly loves to sleep. Don’t be concerned if she sleeps for long periods during the day.
Peggy: Very good. Thanks for booking Polly into the Peak. We are looking forward to looking after her while you are away.

Pet 2

Peggy: Nice to hear from you. We have a couple of vacancies next week for dogs. The seventh to the fourteenth of May will be fine. Can I take some details please?
Owner: Of course. Bobby is a black poodle. My neighbour has recommended the Peak to me. You look after his cat when he goes away on business.
Peggy: xcellent. How old is Bobby?
Owner:He’s thirteen. He doesn’t look it and he’s still very fit.
Peggy: Poodles can live to quite a good age.
Owner: Bobby’s the second poodle we’ve had. They are very friendly dogs.
Peggy: Yes, I like poodles a lot.
Owner: Bobby still behaves like a puppy sometimes. He doesn’t know he’s an old man!
Peggy: That’s great. We will do everything we can to make him feel at home. Now, I’ve got your address. Could I have a mobile number, please?
Owner: 8645 6483. Call if there are any problems no matter how small.
Peggy: We will. Don’t worry. Now, does Bobby have any favourite foods?
Owner: He loves fish. Please make sure there is plenty of fish in his food. And he liked carrots
Peggy: That’s unusual. Fish and carrots ….. mmmmm. I’m looking forward to meeting Bobby.
Owner: I must tell you. He’s quite a noisy dog. He does bark a lot. But it means he’s happy when he barks.
Peggy: Very good. I’ll send you an email confirming Bobby’s reservation. We’ll see you both next week. Thanks for calling the Peak.

Pet 3

Peggy: Yes, those dates are fine. The twentieth of June until the fourth of July.
Owner: Yeah. Do you often have owners bringing their pet bird to the Peak?
Peggy: Oh, yes. We have quite a few birds staying with us at the moment.
Owner: Good.
Peggy: Now, your bird is called Kevin.
Owner: Yes. He’s a blue and yellow parrot.
Peggy: Do you know how old he is? Just out of interest ………
Owner: He used to belong to my parents. We think he must be at least twenty years old.
Peggy: Wow! That’s impressive.
Owner: And I must tell you. He can be quite bad tempered. Ignore him when he’s in one of his bad moods.
Peggy: Oh…. we never ignore our guests!
Owner: Here’s my mobile number. 9865 4333. You’ve got my address.
Peggy: Yes, thank you. Do you give Kevin anything special to eat?
Owner: Feed him on sunflower seeds, please. Lots of sunflower seeds. He loves them.
Peggy: No problem.
Owner: And please don’t let any young children go near him. He hates kids. I thought I’d better warn you about that. I think that’s all. See you next week.

Pet 4

Peggy: We haven’t had a rabbit come and stay with us for quite a while. I’m looking forward to meeting Jack.
Owner: Everbody falls in love with him. He’s so cute and friendly. He’s an Australian white rabbit. He’s a very handsome animal.
Peggy: I’m sure. How old is Jack?
Owner: We got him when he was just a few days old, five and a half years ago.
Peggy: You said you want to book him in from the first to the tenth of December.
Owner: That’s right. Ten days while we go to Japan on holiday.
Peggy: Could you give me a mobile contact number at all?
Owner: 5473 3001. I can always be reached on that number. Jack is a very nervous rabbit.
Peggy: Thank you. Now, is there anything that Jack especially likes to eat?
Owner: He loves broccoli. And can you give him a small piece of chocolate every day, please?
Peggy: No problem. I haven’t heard of a rabbit who likes chocolate before.
Owner: He adores it. He also likes music. Can you make sure he listens to some music for a few hours in an afternoon?
Peggy:Yes…. yes. Of course. Jack sounds to be quite a character. I’m sure he will enjoy his stay at the Peak.


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