Inspired by today's pop queens

Inspired by today's pop queens


by Anais Ross, YP intern

Thai sensation Tata Young has been busy since her 2004 debut I Believe, acquiring fans in not only Asia, but also the rest of the world. Her third English-language album, Ready For Love, is aimed at breaking into the European market, and it might just work.

The disc opens with the uber-upbeat title track that features bop-worthy motifs and shows off Young's impressive voice.

Mission is You demonstrates Young's versatile and melodic tone. It's a club-friendly track, with heavy bass, catchy synths loops and fun lyrics.

Young shows she has matured since I Believe, with darker lyrics and sombre messages about heartache and heartbreak, especially on ballad Suffocating.

My Bloody Valentine stands out as one of the few slow-paced song. Accompanied by soft instrumentals, Young charms with her sugar-sweet voice.

Young is inspired throughout by other queens of pop: Ugly sounds like the younger Asian cousin of Britney Spear Circus, a fragmented song with spunk, and the addictive beats of Shine Like a Superstar would sit comfortably on a Pussycat Dolls album.

Ready For Love is easy on the ears and likely to be a global disco favourite. But the commercial appeal has also made the album unoriginal and repetitive, lacking the spark that Young burst onto the scene with.



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