Basquash! (DVD)

Basquash! (DVD)


Slam-dunking is taken to new heights in Basquash! where basketball is played by giant mechas called Big Foots instead of people. Big Foot Basketball (BFB) is the most popular sport in a futuristic world where society has been split between the more advanced lunar inhabitants and the lower-class earth-dwellers. Will this new crazy sport bring the two groups back together?

The show is the brainchild of Shoji Kawamori and Thomas Romain. Kawamori started as a toy designer for Takara - his most famous toys are Transformers Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ironhide. Then he entered the anime industry as a mechanical designer, working on shows like Macross 7, Gundam and the Patlabor movies. Romain is a French animator who co-created the French anime Code: Lyoko.

Earth teenager Dan hates Big Foots because one crushed the legs of his younger sister who is now confined to a wheelchair. But when Dan is forced into a Big Foot, he goes on a rampage and crashes a local BFB game, amazing the bored crowd with his skills.

Unfortunately he is arrested and sentenced to a year in jail, but on his release, he finds he has become a legend and inspired Big Foot Streetball.

Check out this laughter-packed series on DVD and watch as Dan becomes an unwilling BFB star.

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