Nyan Koi (anime)

Nyan Koi (anime)


The phrase 'cat got your tongue?' takes on a whole new meaning for a high school student in Nyan Koi, as he finds he can not only understand and speak to cats but is fated to become one. Follow the hilarious escapades of Junpei Kosaka as he tries to deal with school, romance and a cat allergy.

Nyan Koi is based on the free online manga created by Sato Fujiwara, currently serialised on FlexComix Blood - check it out here. Handling the anime production is Anime International Company whose previous works include Ah! My Goddess, Gun X Sword and Ga-Rei Zero.

Junpei is a typical high schooler who suffers from an acute cat allergy. But his mother and sister don't care about his ailment and fawn over their cat Nyamusasu as Junpei sneezes away.

One day, Junpei sees an empty can in the street. Instead of picking it up and throwing it away, he decides to bend it like Beckham into the bin. He misses and instead knocks the head off a statue of the cat deity, Neko Jizo Sama. The deity curses him for his disrespect. Suddenly Junpei can understand and speak to cats. And there's more: to avoid turning into one himself, he must fulfil the requests of 100 cats.

Nyan Koi has just started airing in Japan and it may be a while before we get to see it here in Hong Kong but keep an eye out for this really funny anime.

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