Letter Bee (anime)

Letter Bee (anime)


In new anime Letter Bee, postal agents not only have to deal with bad weather and vast distances, they also have to fight all manner of Godzilla-sized bugs.

The anime is based on an original manga series by Hiroyuki Asada, whose previous work was a basketball sports manga called I'll. Letter Bee was first published in Monthly Shonen Jump before moving to the new monthly anthology magazine Jump SQ.

The fantasy land of AmberGround is a world of perpetual night, where the only source of illumination is an artificial sun. Brave postal workers called Letter Bee are tasked with safely delivering people's post. Gauche, a young Letter Bee, arrives at a burnt-down village to find his next delivery item is a young boy called Lag Seeing.

Lag is distraught over the fact that some mysterious men abducted his mother and he was powerless to stop them. He causes no end of trouble for Gauche and the friction, alongside the monster-infested route, puts the success of their journey into doubt.

This is an exciting new anime with a quirky sense of humour. While you wait for the series to make its way to Hong Kong, check out Tegami Bachi: Hikari to Ao no Genso Yawa (Letter Bee: Light and Blue Night Fantasy), a special 30-minute anime available on DVD. Animated by the same studio that's producing the TV show, it should whet your appetite and tide you over until the full series arrives.

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