On Submitting Quotes

On Submitting Quotes

When we do a Vox Pop we ask you to interview people and tell us what they say. So, how do you go about it?

A Vox Pop is the 'voice of the people'. It asks ordinary citizens for their opnions on things, to tell our readers what people are thinking. It is always best to have a picture of the person you’ve interviewed because it livens up the page, but if it is a good quote and strong enough to stand on its own, then we will run it without a picture.

All quotes, pictures, stories, that you submit for publication must be your OWN work. Or, you must have permission from the person who did the work to use it. You must tell us who that person is. For example Dhruv always gets his mother to take his pictures for him. So he tells us Pictures taken by... and gives us his mother’s full name. Pics should not be taken from Facebook or any other of those sites because often they are not good quality. It’s best to snap the person on your phone or if you have your own camera all the better. Or you can ask your friend to do it.

You need to give us the full name – including the Chinese name – of anyone you talk to. Check that you have spelled their name correctly. You also need to give their age and their school information.

Then, last but not least, you need to give your own information at the bottom of your email. Often people have funny email addresses so it’s not immediately clear who has done the work. You want to see your name in print and we want to use your material. But, if we don’t know who sent it, we can’t use it.

It’s also a good idea to give us your phone number too, so that if there is a problem we can reach you with any questions we have.


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