Reporting assignment: interschool sports competitions

Reporting assignment: interschool sports competitions

Sports reporter Rebecca Tsui says there are a lot of interschool sports competitions coming up.

If your school has a team in any of the finals, we’d love to get your report about the match – and of course your photos.

Remember to get action shots and to carefully identify everyone you’ve interviewed and everyone in the picture, full Chinese names included. You have probably already noticed – cos you’re all eagle-eyed observers of life – that Young Post doesn’t really like pics of crowds of youths making V signs, holding medals or getting giant cheques. ACTION… ACTION… ACTION… Let’s have them running, jumping, swimming.

Rebecca says please also give us the phone number of whoever you interview so that if we need to cross check some little details we can easily get hold of them.

There is no deadline for this assignment.

Send your copy and pics to


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