The team won a gold meal when they presented their idea at a worldwide biology event in the United States.
You can also carve up the slopes at an indoor skiing venue or chuck heavy stones at...other heavy stones in an introductory curling course.
The American singer-songwriter also reveals why he loves inviting fans into his personal life and why he posts on Instagram at least once every two days.
The night outdoors was organised by local charity ImpactHK and hosted by comedian Vivek Mahbubani.
The US president's team said the news organisation did not treat the country's leader fairly.
The 37-year-old Tokyo resident held a small wedding ceremony that was attended by friends and relatives.
1. D 2. The technique for making baguettes was introduced to Vietnam when the French colonised the country between 1880s and 1954. 3. C
Most of those killed have been young children under the age of four.
Instead, pick the modules which will allow you to challenge yourself and learn a range of skills.
Yuli Riswati has been detained by immigration authorities since November 4, according to a support group working on her behalf.
The writer doesn't cheat her readers by providing a magic solution to everyone's problems, but she also doesn't leave you hanging.
A great friend is someone who knows how to comfort you and make you feel better after a bad day.
Ireland, Singapore and Canada are some of the countries that have issued advisories against travelling to Hong Kong for non-essential reasons.
One week after pro-democracy camp scored landslide district council victory, some protesters resorted to familiar tactics of roadblocks and trashing shops.
The beloved Christmas tradition will run at the Hong Kong Arts Centre from December 5-15.
We spoke to star swimmer Siobhan Haughey, fencing stalwart Ryan Choi, and others in a year-end reflection of 2019.

Riding high on Myanmar's human-powered big wheels

Aung careers towards the ground, hanging by one arm from the basket of one of Myanmar's human-powered big wheels, reliant on gravity-defying agility and split-second coordination honed since the age...

TikTok's rising stars emerging out of India

TikTok’s rapidly growing global audience holds the promise of instant stardom for millions of young users like Azeez Ahmed Siddiqui, who post short clips of themselves performing skits, lip-syncing...

First Saudi woman driver to race car in kingdom

Sliding behind the wheel of a sleek electric SUV, Reema Juffali is set to blaze a trail in male-dominated motor sports as the first Saudi woman to race in the kingdom. Credit: AFP
Cantonese opera was recently listed by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Humanity. Local opera lovers and performers are delighted, but warn there is...
Three years after the release of Daughtry's Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut, the band has released Leave This Town. The album is full of...
Local duo Swing - feted pop-maker Eric Kwok and human trumpet Jerald Chan - are back with a bang on Wu Dang. A feast of beautifully written music, the album...
So many romantic films paint women as incomplete without a soulmate that it's refreshing to see what happens from a male perspective. 500 Days of Summer is...
A cold-blooded killer is on the loose in Antarctica in Whiteout. There's nowhere to hide - if the murderer doesn't get you, the millions of kilometres of ice...
The art of silence_L
Silent theatrical performances have been around since the days of classical Greek masked pantomimes and classical Indian musical theatre, while elements can been...
Young Post reorter Lai Ying Kit will be discussing with news reporter Olga Wong on how the the wall-like high buildings and the heat island effect affect the city.
Developed by extreme American skateboarder Lance Mountain, finger skateboarding first caught the...
SAVED BY AN IPOD You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save anyone’s life?...
SAVED BY AN IPOD Voice 1: You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save...
An award-winning academic from the United States will visit Hong Kong next week and deliver a talk to young people on creativity. Tina Seelig will...
The reclusive Communist dictatorship of North Korea is a puzzle to its neighbours and the rest of the world. Tourism is organised by the government, and tourists are always...
Silent Sound sailed through a lot of ice this summer, but not nearly as much as there once was covering the Arctic seas, and not as much as...
Taking on the Taliban: a little girl's tale
We've opened our annual Winter Short Story competition. If you are a budding creative writer, keen to see your work in print and hopefully win some super-cool prizes, then you need to enter this...
Time flies, and the 10th anniversary of Unicef's Charity Run is fast approaching.
Watching anyone older than 30 listen to a group of teenage girls chatting is an interesting thing – their heads spin around after the fifth use of the word “like”.
Cat museums, the best apple pie (probably) in Europe, and more flea markets than you can shake a stick at … Amsterdam has it all – and more.
Silent Sound has crossed the Arctic Circle - this means we have completed the Northwest Passage and are leaving the Arctic behind us as we head south and towards home. We entered...
This is your chance of having your seasonal greeting published
Jackson  with his father, Wang Ruiji
Jackson will represent Hong Kong at the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore in August...
Reading in different environments is a passion that April has.
When I'm reading, I sometimes subconsciously associate the part in the book that I’m reading with the actual location where I have been reading the book. And when I revisit the text, my mind would...
Caption reads: "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking ... out"
White and gold or blue and black? A Tumblr user asked a question for which an answer seems impossible.
People in Indonesia march in support of the death penalty.
The Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, recently insisted that using the death penalty is his nation's right. He was speaking in response to international criticism of the death sentence imposed on...
Talking Points_L
Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong
Aaron Saunders, chief executive of Clearly Innovative, took a traditional route to a tech career: He earned a computer science degree at Ohio Wesleyan, studied marketing and information technology en...
A NEW LOUNGE Suzy has decided to have her lounge completely renovated. She has a long talk to an interior designer before she starts. Listen to their conversation and then answer the questions.
The teen is the youngest person to have ever been chosen by the magazine.
This Christmas season, we've put together a fun collection of goodies, with something different every day!
Students in the Yau Tsim Mong and Sham Shui Po districts gather in Tsim Sha Tsui to chant slogans and sing protest songs.

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