The team won a gold meal when they presented their idea at a worldwide biology event in the United States.
You can also carve up the slopes at an indoor skiing venue or chuck heavy stones at...other heavy stones in an introductory curling course.
The American singer-songwriter also reveals why he loves inviting fans into his personal life and why he posts on Instagram at least once every two days.
The night outdoors was organised by local charity ImpactHK and hosted by comedian Vivek Mahbubani.
The US president's team said the news organisation did not treat the country's leader fairly.
The 37-year-old Tokyo resident held a small wedding ceremony that was attended by friends and relatives.
1. D 2. The technique for making baguettes was introduced to Vietnam when the French colonised the country between 1880s and 1954. 3. C
Most of those killed have been young children under the age of four.
Instead, pick the modules which will allow you to challenge yourself and learn a range of skills.
Yuli Riswati has been detained by immigration authorities since November 4, according to a support group working on her behalf.
A great friend is someone who knows how to comfort you and make you feel better after a bad day.
Ireland, Singapore and Canada are some of the countries that have issued advisories against travelling to Hong Kong for non-essential reasons.
One week after pro-democracy camp scored landslide district council victory, some protesters resorted to familiar tactics of roadblocks and trashing shops.
The beloved Christmas tradition will run at the Hong Kong Arts Centre from December 5-15.
We spoke to star swimmer Siobhan Haughey, fencing stalwart Ryan Choi, and others in a year-end reflection of 2019.

Riding high on Myanmar's human-powered big wheels

Aung careers towards the ground, hanging by one arm from the basket of one of Myanmar's human-powered big wheels, reliant on gravity-defying agility and split-second coordination honed since the age...

TikTok's rising stars emerging out of India

TikTok’s rapidly growing global audience holds the promise of instant stardom for millions of young users like Azeez Ahmed Siddiqui, who post short clips of themselves performing skits, lip-syncing...

First Saudi woman driver to race car in kingdom

Sliding behind the wheel of a sleek electric SUV, Reema Juffali is set to blaze a trail in male-dominated motor sports as the first Saudi woman to race in the kingdom. Credit: AFP
The active player of the Valley Black Ladies is a coach of the Under-14 Sandy Bay youth girls’ team.
The first time I saw one I couldn't believe my eyes. I checked the charts, looked through the binoculars and asked the crew to double check what I saw. A small island had...
Silent Sound has turned the corner and we're heading south and towards home. Soon we will again cross the Arctic Circle, marking the official end of the Northwest Passage and...
Silent Sound has crossed the Arctic Circle - this means we have completed the Northwest Passage and are leaving the Arctic behind us as we head south and towards home. We entered...
University student Frank Wang Tao spends most of his leisure time with model helicopters, and one of his hi-tech creations this summer pulled off the world's first...
TIM: Hi, this is listening plus. You’re with Timothy Chui and today I’ll be speaking with Paul Mozur, a freelance writer based in Asia who just got back from a month in Xinjiang. Thanks for joining...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with Paul Mozur, a freelance writer based in Asia who just got back from a month in Xinjiang.
The meaning of the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' is that we can't simply judge people only by their appearances.
The HKCEE results were released recently to both smiles and tears. Some potentially straight-A students were shocked to find they barely passed.
Sam looks for a flat Sam comes from UK. She’s got a job as a research engineer for a company located in the Science Park in Shatin. Sam is talking to a rental agent in Tai Po about finding a flat....
Sam looks for a flat Sam comes from UK. She’s got a job as a research engineer for a company located in the Science Park in Shatin. At the moment, Sam is talking to a rental agent in Tai Po about...
Huang Li went to art school at the age of 13 to learn how to be a face-changing Sichuan Opera performer against the wishes of her parents. In their opinion, the prospects were...
Forget the Monday blues. A study has found that Wednesday is the killjoy of the week. Two applied mathematicians from the University of Vermont, United States, gathered information from...
To help you in your first assignment as news photographer, SCMP Photo Editor Yves Sieur gives you fives points to keep in mind.
How to make good graphic designs? South China Morning Post’s Art Director Terry Pontikos gives you 10 tips to start on the right foot.
Every sector has its own jargon and newspapers are no exception. The following is a list of words you may hear in news rooms and what they mean
Koalas and kangaroos! Oh my! Hong Kong Airlines Embrace the World Student Sponsorship Programme 2016/17 is taking nine local secondary school students on a trip of a lifetime, and Young Post is...
Temperatures in some parts of Hong Kong fell to minus 1 degree Celsius, with cool spell expected to continue for seven days.
Swimming or rowing ... why not both? This seventeen-year-old HKIS student shows us how she excels in and on top of the water.
Forget about using big words, common sense will win you that argument.
12 MP camera with Zeiss optics and optical zoom, a curved 5.5” 2K display, and three integrated microphones for top quality and dynamic audio? Yes, please!
Cat museums, the best apple pie (probably) in Europe, and more flea markets than you can shake a stick at … Amsterdam has it all – and more.
Watching anyone older than 30 listen to a group of teenage girls chatting is an interesting thing – their heads spin around after the fifth use of the word “like”.
Young Post will be meeting with Burton on Thursday, so if you have any burning questions you would like to ask him, leave them in the comments below!
Rising American star Gallant is part of a new breed of singer-songwriters blending the influences of both R&B, pop, and alternative rock.
HSBC is accused of destroying the family unit and offending the entire population of Hong Kong… by displaying rainbow-coloured lion statues outside their headquarters.
Cards, presents, stars and even lie-ins have a mention but getting together with family takes top billing in YP readers’ views about the best thing about Christmas.
A distraction is something that gets your attention for a short while and prevents you from concentrating on something else. Listen to Hong Kong student Jon speaking to his cousin Jenny, who is at...
The 15-year-old Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School student knows pain can be a challenge and a motivator for wushu.
We've opened our annual Winter Short Story competition. If you are a budding creative writer, keen to see your work in print and hopefully win some super-cool prizes, then you need to enter this...
The gathering for the United We Stand rally was granted a letter of no objection from the police.
The teen is the youngest person to have ever been chosen by the magazine.
This Christmas season, we've put together a fun collection of goodies, with something different every day!

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