As the city at the epicentre of the virus is quarantined, the world increases its health checks on incoming Chinese travellers.
From recycling your red packets to making sure your fish is sustainable, there's many small things you can do to go green for the Year of the Rat.
Singers like Katy Perry, Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo are all celebrating their zodiac year.
Did you know that rats love to laugh and are used to save lives? Celebrate the smallest member of the Chinese zodiac and fall in love with these critters.
Personal hygiene, including hand washing, will help you stay healthy
The Form Five student hopes to play full-time after completing her HKDSEs.
Sunrise - comprised of teens Mandy and Moses - has already played events like the Rugby Sevens. Here's what the duo hopes to do this year.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week …
Police search for clues after the statue was found doused with graffiti
The woman in question was a Chinese tourist from the city; she has since recovered and is ready to go home.
However, debate about whether the Tyrannosaurus rex was fast enough to be a skilful predator rages on.
1. A 2. (i) T (ii) T (iii) F (iv) NG 3. the more developed skaters’ body are, the more adaptive and resilient they become 4. C
The news comes as the band's team announce a serious medical issue.
Hungry wallabies affected by the Australia wildfires received a welcome treat at the weekend. The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service made it rain carrots and sweet potatoes.
The actor’s movie no longer on ‘yellow blacklist’ after he explains situation in a Facebook video.
The Grammy-nominated musician had the audience in splits with his comedic timing, plus hits from from his debut studio album 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent'.
Famous for their mega-hit 'Little Talks' and cameos in 'Game of Thrones', the band is set to play their first show in Hong Kong.

China's beekeeper creates online buzz with video-sharing apps

Video clips posted online by Chinese beekeeper Ma Gongzuo show him opening up a hive surrounded by bees, swimming bare-chested in a river, or chopping wood - and he now has over 700,000 views on...

Koenigsegg, a supercar challenging Swedish stereotypes

For a quarter century, Koenigsegg has been making supercars for a niche market typically reserved for Italian luxury brands, while challenging perceptions of Swedish modesty.
Teenagers share their thoughts on the Chief Executive's policy address - Breaking New Ground Together - with Sunny Tse and Young Post junior reporters
Cool Alert! Author Tina Seelig is going to be in town giving a talk on October 24. Submissions are now CLOSED
Whether you're negotiating with your parents about your next night out or trying to knock off 40 per cent on a Temple Street purchase, arguments...
Helen Grant's impressive debut novel The Vanishing of Katharina Linden is one of those rare books that refuses to downsize style or content just because...
In his latest collaboration with award-winning director Steven Soderbergh, The Informant!, Matt Damon plays chubby, dorky businessman Mark Whitacre. Whitacre is a...
Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo: The Mystery Begins is a wonderful modern adaptation that manages to be faithful to the old 1970s cartoons while...
Edward Cullen's chiselled face is leading the latest revival of the vampire genre, but what makes this star of the Twilight franchise so appealing?
Students from Heep Yunn School and Wa Ying College took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Junior Reporters find out which Halloween treat does the trick best...
How to do a Vox Pop and collect people's opinions...
Cub reporter Megan Chee tells us why she thinks the bestseller is following a successful formula...
Why people living on Hong Kong Island don’t like to go over to Kowloon and vice versa. Submissions CLOSED
GHOST SHIP Listen to the true story GHOST SHIP about spooky happenings at sea. The mysterious story of a ship called the MARIE CELESTE. Listen carefully and then answer the questions.
Your first year at college or university is a whole new world. It might be the first time you encounter a new medium of instruction...
The number of entries to the Nesta-SCMP Debating Competition has tripled in the last three years. More than 50 school teams have registered for...
Mobile communications play a crucial role in keeping Hong Kong families connected, according to research from the University of Hong Kong.
A northeast monsoon will bring cold and dry weather to Hong Kong for the rest of the week.
What can you do with recyclable things that can’t be placed into the tricolour recycling bins?
Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College cancelled classes after demonstrators shut down the school.
Many students are passionate about art and design, but they tend to treat them as hobbies rather than a possible potential career. There are, after all, many misconceptions about the possibilities of...
1. A 2. (i) T (ii) T (iii) F (iv) NG 3. the more developed skaters’ body are, the more adaptive and resilient they become 4. C
The Year of the Rat will be welcomed with less fanfare than past years, due to government concerns over 'the current situation'
Films such as "Ford v Ferrari', 'Little Women', 'Joker' and 'Parasite' will compete for the best picture award.
Police insiders say the new weapons are necessary, as the effectiveness of pepper spray has decreased.
Set to launch before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the park lets you collect gold coins by playing Mario-themed mini-games with a wearable wrist band.
The 'Bad Guy' singer will perform in the city on August 30.
Jointly organised by the “Silver Hair” group and secondary students, the assembly will feature speakers and performers from all walks of life, including former chemistry lecturer at the Chinese...
Temperatures hit 21 degrees Celsius in Alert, Canada on Sunday - its average daily temperature in July is only 3 degrees.
We asked two teen protesters why they continue to attend demonstrations, and how they feel about the current social situation.
From 10am on Thursday, all urban buses, subways, ferries and long-distance passenger transport are suspended in Wuhan
They will become the latest animal ambassadors for the marine-life theme park.
Scientists warn that the world is closest to global catastrophe it's ever been.

Ocean Park saw a 60 per cent plunge in visitors between July - December 2019. Is it worth saving?

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