Singers like Katy Perry, Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo are all celebrating their zodiac year.
It’s always exciting when you hear a book you love will be adapted for the big screen. Here are the stories the YP team would like to see filmmakers tackle.
Did you know that rats love to laugh and are used to save lives? Celebrate the smallest member of the Chinese zodiac and fall in love with these critters.
Your favourite Lunar New Year treats aren’t just tasty; they’re filled with good luck too.

YP Nails It!: Sculpting

'Celebrity teacher' Kris Lau of Modern Education is accused of bribing a public exam assessor three years ago.
Personal hygiene, including hand washing, will help you stay healthy
The Form Five student hopes to play full-time after completing her HKDSEs.
Sunrise - comprised of teens Mandy and Moses - has already played events like the Rugby Sevens. Here's what the duo hopes to do this year.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week …
Police search for clues after the statue was found doused with graffiti
The woman in question was a Chinese tourist from the city; she has since recovered and is ready to go home.
However, debate about whether the Tyrannosaurus rex was fast enough to be a skilful predator rages on.
1. A 2. (i) T (ii) T (iii) F (iv) NG 3. the more developed skaters’ body are, the more adaptive and resilient they become 4. C
The news comes as the band's team announce a serious medical issue.
Hungry wallabies affected by the Australia wildfires received a welcome treat at the weekend. The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service made it rain carrots and sweet potatoes.
The actor’s movie no longer on ‘yellow blacklist’ after he explains situation in a Facebook video.
The Grammy-nominated musician had the audience in splits with his comedic timing, plus hits from from his debut studio album 'Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent'.
Famous for their mega-hit 'Little Talks' and cameos in 'Game of Thrones', the band is set to play their first show in Hong Kong.

China's beekeeper creates online buzz with video-sharing apps

Video clips posted online by Chinese beekeeper Ma Gongzuo show him opening up a hive surrounded by bees, swimming bare-chested in a river, or chopping wood - and he now has over 700,000 views on...
Cantonese opera was recently listed by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Humanity. Local opera lovers and performers are delighted, but warn there is...
Three years after the release of Daughtry's Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut, the band has released Leave This Town. The album is full of...
Local duo Swing - feted pop-maker Eric Kwok and human trumpet Jerald Chan - are back with a bang on Wu Dang. A feast of beautifully written music, the album...
So many romantic films paint women as incomplete without a soulmate that it's refreshing to see what happens from a male perspective. 500 Days of Summer is...
A cold-blooded killer is on the loose in Antarctica in Whiteout. There's nowhere to hide - if the murderer doesn't get you, the millions of kilometres of ice...
The art of silence_L
Silent theatrical performances have been around since the days of classical Greek masked pantomimes and classical Indian musical theatre, while elements can been...
Young Post reorter Lai Ying Kit will be discussing with news reporter Olga Wong on how the the wall-like high buildings and the heat island effect affect the city.
Developed by extreme American skateboarder Lance Mountain, finger skateboarding first caught the...
SAVED BY AN IPOD You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save anyone’s life?...
SAVED BY AN IPOD Voice 1: You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save...
An award-winning academic from the United States will visit Hong Kong next week and deliver a talk to young people on creativity. Tina Seelig will...
The reclusive Communist dictatorship of North Korea is a puzzle to its neighbours and the rest of the world. Tourism is organised by the government, and tourists are always...
Silent Sound sailed through a lot of ice this summer, but not nearly as much as there once was covering the Arctic seas, and not as much as...
Taking on the Taliban: a little girl's tale
April's adventures extend beyond college and the "Claremont Bubble".
Having lived in Claremont, Calif. for three months now, I find it easy to be “stuck” in our comfortable “Claremont bubble”, whose tranquil cafés, bakeries, and froyo shops have become lovely weekend...
What better gift for your BFFs than taking them to an amazing international star's concert? And imagine if that concert were Ed Sheeran's on March 10! Well, this is your chance: Young Post has...
Caption reads: "guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking ... out"
White and gold or blue and black? A Tumblr user asked a question for which an answer seems impossible.
Equal Opportunities Commissioner Dr York Chow Yat-ngok (right) plans to look into the city's education policy.
Putting Hong Kong's ethnic minority students in designated schools is a form of discrimination, a United Nations committee's report says. Of the city's ...
Published on December 10, 2013.
Gabrielle Aplin performs all over the world, but her home and her family are the biggest influences on her music.
Two of our junior reporters met British singer Gabrielle Aplin as she stopped in Hong Kong on the latest leg of her world tour
It started with the Tower of Babel from the biblical Book of Genesis. There I was, sitting in my IB Business and Management class, wondering why on earth in this era of globalization, we still see...
When Jerry Allen Bradford tried to kill his seven puppies, he hadn't counted on his plan backfiring painfully.
He's famous for his martial arts, but an exhibition about his life shows another side of him.
Rapper Kanye West wants to run for US president in 2020, so we asked our readers which famous person they think would be the best candidate for America's top job. Here are our favourite answers…
The Town Planning Board will decide at a meeting today whether or not to reject a retired government town planner's application to make a section of the city's Central district tram-free.
Part of our history or just irrelevant? Our students discuss ...
While linguistics at its core is - to quote Shakespeare - "words, words, words", those that master this field know that words carry deeper meaning.
Average temperatures dropped to 3.1 degrees yesterday as a night of frigid, windy weather attracted hoards of frost chasers to the city’s highest mountain.
Hundreds of people gathered to commemorate the event and express their continued disappointment in police's handling of the incident.
More than 440 cases of the virus have been reported in China as human-to-human transmission confirmed.
Formal head of the IPCC said it was unfair to burden the watchdog with the role, and supported the call for an independent commission of inquiry.

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