We rate the best computer options for teens at secondary school based on display, design and value for money.
They are the first school from Hong Kong to win this prestigious global singing contest.
Lovables, a company founded at Renaissance College, make it their mission to create stuffed animals that represents those with disabilities.
Do your bit for the environment when you shop: buy food in bulk, and avoid single-use plastic packaging
Chief executive visits Wan Chai and Tin Shui Wai, and talks to shop owners in Tai Wai Market.
No tangible changes seen one year after #FridaysforFuture movement began, says teen activist at Smile for Future summit in Switzerland.
HKBU's student union president arrested for possession of 'offensive weapons', causing protests outside Sham Shui Po police station.
The incident follows a collision last week in which 77 people were hurt
Do your bit for the environment when you shop: buy food in bulk, and avoid single-use plastic packaging
The British powerhouse has dropped her first full-length disc, and we’re absolutely loving it
A group of men armed with bamboo poles attacked protesters in North Point while multiple police stations were besieged.
Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office says lack of national education partly to blame for current unrest.

Rapid-fire questions with British singer-songwriter Mabel

23-year-old R'n'B singer-songwriter Mabel was in Singapore for her "A Mad Love" showcase. We were lucky enough to get a hold of her to play a round of rapid-fire questions.
Amos Wong and Yeung Chun-to hope their endeavour will speak to secondary school kids in the city.
Members of this South Asian community stay in touch with their roots through food and family
Pro-independence activist Edward Leung Tin-kei first used the slogan during the 2016 Legco New Territories East by-election.
The movement connects people from different walks of life to break down social barriers and biases, says the founder of the Hong Kong branch, Pong Yat-ming.
Cantonese opera was recently listed by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Asset of Humanity. Local opera lovers and performers are delighted, but warn there is...
Three years after the release of Daughtry's Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut, the band has released Leave This Town. The album is full of...
Local duo Swing - feted pop-maker Eric Kwok and human trumpet Jerald Chan - are back with a bang on Wu Dang. A feast of beautifully written music, the album...
So many romantic films paint women as incomplete without a soulmate that it's refreshing to see what happens from a male perspective. 500 Days of Summer is...
A cold-blooded killer is on the loose in Antarctica in Whiteout. There's nowhere to hide - if the murderer doesn't get you, the millions of kilometres of ice...
The art of silence_L
Silent theatrical performances have been around since the days of classical Greek masked pantomimes and classical Indian musical theatre, while elements can been...
Young Post reorter Lai Ying Kit will be discussing with news reporter Olga Wong on how the the wall-like high buildings and the heat island effect affect the city.
Developed by extreme American skateboarder Lance Mountain, finger skateboarding first caught the...
SAVED BY AN IPOD You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save anyone’s life?...
SAVED BY AN IPOD Voice 1: You are listening to an online teen radio programme when you hear this item about a teenager whose life was saved by an iPod. What happened? How could an iPod save...
An award-winning academic from the United States will visit Hong Kong next week and deliver a talk to young people on creativity. Tina Seelig will...
The reclusive Communist dictatorship of North Korea is a puzzle to its neighbours and the rest of the world. Tourism is organised by the government, and tourists are always...
Silent Sound sailed through a lot of ice this summer, but not nearly as much as there once was covering the Arctic seas, and not as much as...
Taking on the Taliban: a little girl's tale
Whether you’re for or against any given motion during a debate, these are some key things all debaters should keep in mind.
With some simple exercises, you can focus on what's really behind those thoughts, and solve your problems, forget wasted worry, and be in control.
The Cambridge Analytica scandal in March sent regulators into a frenzy. That’s because they realised the implications of the pervasiveness of modern tech companies, including the fact they can sway...
Only 18 months after their brilliant self-titled album, post-punk band Preoccupations are back with the aptly-titled New Material.
Schools' open secrets_L
An air of secrecy surrounded the four people in a cafe in Causeway Bay. They're the administrators behind Hong Kong youth's most talked-about pages on Facebook.
Young people who want to enroll in summer school had better queue up. Local media report that on Sunday up to 700 people, mostly parents, queued up overnight outside ACME Learning Centre in Shatin.
Talking Points_L
Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share your thoughts.
How to join, what you will be doing and launch of the junior reporters editorial meeting
With nothing negative, citizens of this futuristic utopia live in harmony. But this seemingly perfect world is hiding dark secrets from a past only one person remembers.
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has changed laws and practices, and improved the lives of millions of children.
20 November 2014 marked the 25th anniversary since the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted at the General Assembly. Are children better off now than they were 25 years...
Spring break at Huntington Beach!
Time flies. It’s been almost seven years since I started my very first blog. It was rather a childish endeavor, a pastime which I hoped would capture fleeting moments that I might forget about...
Time for a major Throwback Tuesday!! #tbt
The Silent Sound is on her way to the Canadian Arctic. We left Canada on June 6 and are sailing north. Our friends and family were there to see us off, and although it was...
We've all heard the music, but do we know where it comes from?
Marium became known as the 'nation's sweetheart' after photos of her being fed and hugged spread across social media in April.
More than 22,000 people joined the "Protect our Next Generation, Speak for our Conscience" march. We talked to a few of these educators about their reasons for demonstrating.
Home to beaches, fresh seafood and beautiful Instagram-worthy backdrops, the second-largest city in the country is the perfect place to spend a day.

The protests have been going on in Hong Kong for three months now. What are your thoughts on what’s been happening?