From the dangers of swimming after eating to the real benefits of sweat, we ask an expert to prove – or debunk – seven common health myths.
We asked YP cadets from Renaissance College who their male role model is, and why they look up to that particular person.
Medical students spend years preparing for the day they begin their on-the-job training. Here's why getting out of the lab is so important.
From resurrected sleuths to heart-warming tales about animals, here are the latest on the literary scene.
Girls, if you are at a loss for what dishes you might make for your loved ones this winter, then fear not; here are two recipes for scrumptious treats.
The biggest sports story from around the world!
The reports include marking schemes, examiner comments and exam objectives, and are available from HKEAA offices or online.
The South China Morning Post launches today, becoming Hong Kong's fourth daily newspaper. Whether it can stand the test of time is for future generations to discover.
A stunning new compact camera by the Eastman Kodak Company will change the way we document our lives.
The teen athlete scored his first goal as a pro for Cerro Porteno, a powerful team in Paraguay’s top league.
From secret societies to bold uprisings, the co-founder of the South China Morning Post has long been making headlines.
With Christmas fast approaching, it may be time to turn your eyes towards distant shores - Hong Kong is home, but holidays are worth spending abroad.
From men driving across America to a woman filing an automobile patent, here are the science stories of 1903.
Relatives of the 189 people killed in last week’s crash demanded the airline’s co-founder identify himself in a tense meeting, who quickly leaves after meeting, avoiding questions from reporters.
China Technology Corporation managing director Jason Poon alleges Leighton Contractors (Asia) tried to keep him quiet about substandard construction.
Last year's champions failed to hold onto the title, while Heep Yunn continued their dominance in the girls' doubles event.
Renaissance College students explain how traditionalists fear for the future of Chinese culture
Students from the Hong Kong International School took the 'Make the headlines' challenge and wrote today's Young Post cover.
Rush hour is all too often a gridlock, but the emissions from bumper-to-bumper traffic don't have any trouble getting around. Vehicle exhaust fumes are...
Museums are the perfect places to hide secrets. The Scatterhorn Museum in The Museum's Secret is...
Carnegie Medal winner Tim Bowler's teenage psychological thriller Bloodchild holds readers in its vice-like grip from the very first page. A teenage boy is...
It has been said The Founding of a Republic will only appeal to people born after the 1980s who are keen on Chinese history, elderly citizens who lived through...
On their second album If I Am ..., local band Mr show how far they've come in terms of musical craftsmanship and technique. It's...
Mariah Carey's most recent album Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel seems to have popped up with relatively little fanfare for the publicity-loving diva. Granted she...
Young Post reporter Timothy Chui will be speaking with features writer Ben Sin about the evolution of street ball in Hong Kong.
WHAT’S ON TV? Listen to an announcer giving details about what’s on evening TV for four days this week on a UK channel. When you have heard each evening’s programme schedule, fill in the missing...
Paraplegic Eeva Simons is proof that a physical disability need not bar anyone from taking to the stage and dancing. With deft handling, she can put her wheelchair through...
The first Reporter's Club workshop coming up on 26th October. Check here to see if you're part of the lucky ones attending. Workshop FULL
A debate isn't won on the logic of a team's arguments alone. But by putting forward well-prepared arguments, a team can better protect themselves from...
Your school made it to the finals of one interschool sports competition? Be the reporter of the event!
Your editor Susan Ramsay explains how you to procede if you want to write a story of your own.
Developer Creative Assembly is actively encouraging girls to explore careers in the video game industry.
The upcoming movie promises to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer
For her last blog on her journey to Pakistan, YP junior reporter Jessie Pang recalls all the beautiful people she met, lessons she learned, and memories she made.
Time for a major Throwback Tuesday!! #tbt
YOT Kenya Blog 5_L
After leaving Ol Pejeta Conservancy reluctantly, we immediately set out for our next checkpoint — Mount Kenya. The tight schedule did not affect our interest ...
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Hate it when you can't talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Learn and share with students around Hong Kong
One in every 38 Hongkongers is a US dollar millionaire, one of the highest rates in the world. We asked our readers how they would change their lifestyle if they were ever lucky enough to reach that...
Junior reporters can meet up to discuss their ideas with the YP team. Check out when is the next editorial meeting
April studying Economics at the Quantitative Skills Center, Pomona College
The way our ECON051 (Macroeconomics Principles) class is organised, we have either an assignment or a quiz (with the exception of the mid-term session) every Wednesday. During each class, we also...
Re-elected Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff waves to the crowd following her win on October 26, 2014
Dilma Rousseff should strike a middle ground between business and consumer interests by launching efficient social programs while making it easy to do business.
Rebecca sitting in front of a wall her team painted
Globalisation has accelerated the mobility of capital and knowledge. It has also tightened the connection between individuals in different parts of the world. As global citizens, have you ever...
The meaning of the saying 'never judge a book by its cover' is that we can't simply judge people only by their appearances.
For those who like safe, middle-of-the-road pop songs, All Time Low have delivered. But if you like something with a little more edge or depth, this won’t be for you.
Homework? Snooooore. When there are movies to see and friends to hang out with, studying doesn't seem like an appealing option. But you have to do it. When tedium strikes, get on one of these apps...
The lawsuit comes after pilots and airlines said Boeing failed to alert them to new features in its 737 Max-8 planes.
Here's are five things that set this show apart and will make you put down your headphones and say “Hot diggity dog!”
This week’s touching poem outlines the struggles and hardships of a teen today.

What genre of books would you like to see on your school reading list?