Top tutors J. Yeung of Beacon College and Titus Chan of Modern Education give you the best advice about emerging trends on the Geography paper.
Iron Man, Gamora, or Black Panther? The YP Team battle it out over who is the greatest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The co-founder of non-profit organisation We Need Diverse Books cites his mother and young people as inspiration for his writing.
Learn how to support a friend in need with these tips from a mental healthcare professional.

Marvel's Avengers: Endgame holds world premiere in LA

Avengers Vox Pop: Who is your real-life superhero?

We get ready for Marvel's Avengers: Endgame by asking students around Hong Kong about their favourite powers and their real-life superheroes
An economic reformer and close ally of Deng Xiaoping, Hu led the efforts to launch China into capitalism.
Dates and other details you need to know about the beautiful Paris landmark.
There is an estimated shortfall of more than 400 beach and swimming pool rescue crew, almost half the total number needed.
Visuals may be low-quality but the game’s crazy enemies make your efforts worthwhile in this budget co-op alien shooter.
You guys made it so tough for us to pick a pair of winners! We loved seeing your Hong Kong and music inspired designs
As she returns to the court after recovering from an injury, the 17-year-old full-time Hong Kong Sports Institute athlete is ready to prove she’s a winner.
Paris' great landmark Notre Dame was seriously damaged in a fire last night. But it is not the only famous church to have been destroyed - and rebuilt.
Top tutors J. Yeung of Beacon College and Titus Chan of Modern Education give you the best advice about emerging trends on the Geography paper.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week …
Fire raged through the 856-year-old French landmark on Monday, destroying its famous spire.
The blaze, which destroyed the spire but was stopped from reaching the towers, was possibly linked to a renovation project.
800 year old building a historic and religious treasure
What is a pescatarian? How about a flexitarian? They all revolve around eating a plant-based diet, but there are notable differences.
1. A 2. C 3. when European teams play each other  4. to make up for what Barcelona charged Manchester United fans for their own away tickets 5. notable
For the sixteenth time, student Jason Yip starts to write his Young Post cover story. And for the sixteenth time he hits the delete key on his keyboard, wiping out...
Our fictional student reporter Jason Yip learns the hard way why it is important to arrive on time for an interview. This week: Top tips from professionals on how to write a balanced story.
A short timeline of The South China Morning Post history.
When did Young Post start and how did it look like then? Check out the history of your newspaper
When was the last time you bought a magazine or newspaper? The internet seems to be replacing the print media. The latest news from around the world is just a mouse click away.
Tropical rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Scientists fear they will vanish within 40 years if nothing is done.
In recent years professional athletes have taken to wearing necklaces that contain titanium to help relieve fatigue and muscle pain. Phiten, the company that developed the product, claims...
The top 10 contestants from the popular TV talent show present American Idol: Season Eight, a collection of upbeat numbers, slow ballads and...
Given the success of the soundtrack to the original Fame movie - the score and title song won Oscars, and Out Here On My Own was nominated - those involved in the remake had a lot
Julie Hearne's wonderful Rowan The Strange is an amazing piece of fiction that deserves to be devoured. Hearn has already shown herself to be a talent to watch but she has...
This adaption of Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling novel The Time Traveller's Wife attempts to paint a dark picture of a tragic love, but with a flat storytelling fails to...
Being on watch while sailing a yacht at sea may sound romantic. But if you have to do it every night, it's not a lot of fun. Our shifts are three hours long, with...
If lot you have never stepped aboard a sailing boat, in sailing jargon you're a landlubber. This weekly column talks a lot about sailing, and maybe...
Silent Sound's summer journey is about half done, but we're now entering some of the most treacherous waters in the Arctic as we sail past the graves of those who...
Hunting is a way of life in the Arctic. It's part of the Inuit culture and it helps save money when food is unaffordable. Aboard Silent Sound, we've...
Divya Raisinghani, 14, has been dancing since she was six
If you love to dance, India is the place to be. The country is home to some of the world's oldest dance forms, including folk dances like Bhangra, and classic styles like Odissi and Kathak. Each...
If you’re wondering whether you still have a Google+ account - and if so, how to delete it - you can follow these instructions.
We had a chat with Dan Murphy, a long-time NET teacher who specialises in teaching speaking strategies to senior form students, for some tips on the HKDSE English speaking exam.
Ahhhh, The Simpsons. I owe Matt Groening so much gratitude for the lifetime of laughs he's given me so far. He's the creator of my favourite show ever. Or at least it was until it started going...
Win an hour of trampoline fun at Bounce with Young Post's photo caption contest!
Thanks to all the superhero movies Marvel and DC Comics have lined up, comic books have never been more popular or cool. These days, there are plenty of apps out there for all kinds of comic book...
Greedy, racist, wrong, nasty are not words usually associated with Britain's war Prime Minister
This week, we asked our readers: what sport or activity would you like to see as an event at the next Olympics? Here are our favourite answers!
Here is your chance to win a brand new 3D pen you can show off to your new friends!
We've all heard the music, but do we know where it comes from?
Jaws, Shark Tale, Sharknado: the world is fascinated with sharks. So why do we still allow the practise of cutting off their fins for food to continue?
We mustn't be closed minded about visiting new countries and experiencing other cultures.
If you ask Yew Chung International School’s Michelle Lo what it takes to be a good writer, she’ll tell you crafting a story with layers of meaning and subtext requires creativity. “If your writing...
Here's how to figure out if you’re being sold a fake news story.
The 12-year-old aspiring author from Hong Kong International School also says writing helps her make sense of her own life.
No spoilers: Iron Man, Captain America and the rest of the surviving superheroes attempt a crazy plan to defeat Thanos.

What's the best way to de-stress from exam prep?