Kowloon City is famous for its huge range of restaurants serving this Southeast Asia cuisine, so we narrowed down the best choices for you
The Guy Fawkes mask from the popular Hollywood film has been taken up as a worldwide symbol against repression
You've heard of hygge; here are some more of our favourite untranslatable words related to well-being from 'The Positive Lexicography'
Photographer Tommy Fung uses his camera skills and Photoshop to combine real life and comedy.
We spoke to some of the people being helped by Christian Action about the hardships they must endure while their applications are processed.
The advice from a social worker comes after a Form Six student from De La Salle Secondary School was charged with attacking a police officer.
Each week, two of our readers debate a hot topic in a parliamentary-style debate that doesn’t necessarily reflect their personal viewpoint. This week …
From not awarding Gandhi to honouring a man who produced chemical weapons for WWI, the committees' decisions haven't always gone down well.
Classes have been cancelled for the next three days after angry students smash glass doors and graffiti walls, demanding full footage of the 15-year-old protester found dead.
The mostly peaceful rally, which drew out tens of thousands of people, was the first to secure police approval since the mask ban came into effect.
We also take a look at different types of blood diseases such as haemophilia and thalassaemia.
As part of the learning support team at Hong Kong’s ISF Academy, he is empowered to make his own decisions rather than follow orders.
There's nothing like finding someone you can discuss all your problems with.
The 15-year-old American, who took out Venus Williams at this year's Wimbledon, beat the 2017 French Open champion in Linz, Austria on Sunday.
Mass gathering is set to take place on private property at university campus, but participants could still be subject to anti-mask law.
It may be her last round, as the star hasn't confirmed whether she will continue competing after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Stunning instrumentals and personal connections made the night unforgettable with a meaningful and touching performance.

Tucker the therapy dog goes to school

Well-being dogs are becoming more and more common nowadays. Tucker is one of them, and he works at the Independent Schools Foundation Academy helping students feel comfortable and happy at school.
For the sixteenth time, student Jason Yip starts to write his Young Post cover story. And for the sixteenth time he hits the delete key on his keyboard, wiping out...
Our fictional student reporter Jason Yip learns the hard way why it is important to arrive on time for an interview. This week: Top tips from professionals on how to write a balanced story.
A short timeline of The South China Morning Post history.
When did Young Post start and how did it look like then? Check out the history of your newspaper
When was the last time you bought a magazine or newspaper? The internet seems to be replacing the print media. The latest news from around the world is just a mouse click away.
Tropical rainforests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Scientists fear they will vanish within 40 years if nothing is done.
In recent years professional athletes have taken to wearing necklaces that contain titanium to help relieve fatigue and muscle pain. Phiten, the company that developed the product, claims...
The top 10 contestants from the popular TV talent show present American Idol: Season Eight, a collection of upbeat numbers, slow ballads and...
Given the success of the soundtrack to the original Fame movie - the score and title song won Oscars, and Out Here On My Own was nominated - those involved in the remake had a lot
Julie Hearne's wonderful Rowan The Strange is an amazing piece of fiction that deserves to be devoured. Hearn has already shown herself to be a talent to watch but she has...
This adaption of Audrey Niffenegger's best-selling novel The Time Traveller's Wife attempts to paint a dark picture of a tragic love, but with a flat storytelling fails to...
Being on watch while sailing a yacht at sea may sound romantic. But if you have to do it every night, it's not a lot of fun. Our shifts are three hours long, with...
If lot you have never stepped aboard a sailing boat, in sailing jargon you're a landlubber. This weekly column talks a lot about sailing, and maybe...
Silent Sound's summer journey is about half done, but we're now entering some of the most treacherous waters in the Arctic as we sail past the graves of those who...
Hunting is a way of life in the Arctic. It's part of the Inuit culture and it helps save money when food is unaffordable. Aboard Silent Sound, we've...
What's better than a picture of cute animals? A whole post of pictures of cute animals! Go on, give your brain a break.
TV shows used to treat the holiday of Halloween as just that: a holiday. They'd make one Halloween special in their first season and then repeat it every year after that. Not so with the Simpsons.
Here are additional readings about the age of technology, robots, and AI.
Swimming or rowing ... why not both? This seventeen-year-old HKIS student shows us how she excels in and on top of the water.
Cameron Norris is working with an international team to build a working bionic prosthesis to help amputees all over the world. He will be blogging for Young Post with updates throughout the project.
What exciting or interesting events have been happening at your school recently? Young Post wants to share them. Here's how to tell us about it.
The upcoming movie promises to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer
Here are seven of the best Christmas displays in Hong Kong to put the sparkly back in your Instagram feed.
2017 has been quite the year at the box office. Here are the the top films recommended by the Young Post team.
Hate it when you can’t talk back? Well, you can with Young Post. Have your say and share with students around Hong Kong.
Natalie (in red) stayed with a warm, forthcoming ethnic minority family in China
If you want to get involved through community service, you would probably want your service project to be a success. The question is, without experiences and resources, how?
Gary Chan kicks back on his solar-powered recumbent bicycle.
If you find yourself walking through Kwun Tong after midnight, don't be surprised to see someone pedalling along on something that looks like a Harley-Davidson. It's one of the incredible creations...
Spring break at Huntington Beach!
Time flies. It’s been almost seven years since I started my very first blog. It was rather a childish endeavor, a pastime which I hoped would capture fleeting moments that I might forget about...
Okay guys, it's half way through the week. Hang in there! Here, have some cuteness!
Hong Kong’s embattled leader and police force apologised to the local Islamic community for spraying the entrance to the city’s biggest mosque with blue solution from a water cannon on Monday.
World leaders gathered in Tokyo to witness Naruhito's enthronement, complete with sacred treasures and traditional outfits
The man suspected of killing his pregnant girlfriend was released from prison yesterday morning, having served time for a different crime.

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